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Found 12 results

  1. TAB menu: If you're wondering how to click those buttons on the TAB menu, the answer is quite simple. Clicking the right mouse button brings up a mouse cursor which you can then use to click on the settings, steam profile, etc. It's also quite useful for those who don't use a steering wheel or game pad as it allows you to easily report users while still being able to control you're truck. Console: When using the console, there's a few commands you can use to make the game a bit easier. The one I'm gonna be focusing on is the ability to disable tickets and fines. This is useful beca
  2. Good day, truckers! In this topic, I want to tell you how to activate the console and what are the console commands. The topic is under development and will be supplemented! Attention! Before activating the console, make sure that the game is not running! To enable the console, you must do the following: Open the file config.cfg in Notepad on the road C:\Users\NAME\Documents\Euro Truck Simulator 2 Find the line: uset g_console "0"; uset g_developer "0" Replace the value to: uset g_console "1" and uset g_developer "1"
  3. Zysto


    Hey everyone, since my cat wrecked our TV today i've wondered about something. How many of you are still regularly using a TV? This includes but is not just limited for console gaming, just watching tv, streaming and so on. For myself, i never use my TV except when i sometimes feel like playing console games like Forza Horizon 4 or Forza 7. That's why i would say that 85% of the time my TV is turned off What about you? I'm very interested in your answers Best Regards Zysto
  4. Hi all, i have a question if console commands like "set_time" is allowed in MP and don't give ban. For example: I like drive during night, then I activate the console, make the command "g_set_time 0" and works fine? This do not give a ban or something like that?
  5. Hi reader ! i got a question, i have the known no sleep, no jobs bug. I wanted know if i’m allowed to reset my economy ingame because i do not want to get banned.
  6. Enabling the console for ETS 2 & ATS Benefits of the Console - The ability to use free cam - (Great for taking photos and exploring ahead) The ability to teleport to any city and using free cam, allowing you to spawn your truck in that location. Access to development tools - The console will help you to develop your mod, with commands and tools within the console. Change simulation speed Set the time and weather Can show you your FPS How to enable the console - Ensure that ETS 2 and ATS is closed Open your files
  7. Доброго часу доби, далекобійники! В даній темі я хочу вам розповісти як активувати консоль і які бувають консольні команди. Тема знаходиться в розробці і з часом буде доповнюватися! Увага! Перед початком активації консолі, переконайтеся, що гра не запущена! Для того, щоб включити консоль, необхідно зробити наступне: Відкрити в блокноті файл config.cfg по дорозі C:\Users\ИМЯ\Documents\Euro Truck Simulator 2 Знайти рядки: uset g_console "0"; uset g_developer "0" Замінити значення на: uset g_console "1"; uset g_developer "1"
  8. GUIA - Como habilita e usa a câmera 0/console? (Tópico não-oficial) Olá jogadores do TruckersMP tudo bom? Hoje em dia muitas pessoas gostam de tirar fotos e gravar vídeos dentro do multiplayer, porém muitas pessoas acabam visualizando fotos/vídeos de outras pessoas que utilizam uma função conhecida como "Câmera 0" e também o famoso "Console" e acabam se perguntando como que ele fez isso? Usou algum programa? e entre outras diversas perguntas. Hoje vou ensinar a vocês como habilita e utiliza essas famosas funções. P: @ALLIANCE - Jean M. 04 mas o que é câmera 0, v
  9. Como habilitar o console O console desenvolvedor não é apenas uma ferramenta poderosa para ganhar acesso imediato a certas variáveis do jogo e comandos para usuários avançados, cartógrafos, modders e assim por diante. Também é algo que seu usuário médio pode querer ter habilitado para relatar bugs, fazer capturas de tela (embora o novo modo de edição de foto seja bom para isso também) e para usuários de mod que desejam ver se esse novo mod que ele instalou tem algum problema. Erros serão mostrados em vermelho no console para que você não tem que verificar o seu jogo log
  10. Hallihallo lieber Leser, hier möchte ich euch ganz schnell und simpel zeigen wie ihr die Konsole aktiviert. Es ist ganz simpel. Was benötigt ihr? Einen Text-Editor (In meinem Fall Notepad++) Euren Dokumente-Ordner (meistens: C:\Users\EUER NAME\Documents\Euro Truck Simulator 2) Wie gehts? 1.Öffnet euren Dokumente-Ordner. 2. Geht nach Euro Truck Simulator 2 3.Scrollt runter und öffnet die Config.cfg mit einem beliebigen Text-Editor 4. Editiert die Zeile uset g_developer "0" (bei mir Zeile 100) un
  11. Hi! I have try to get the console work. I set the g_console = 1. But the g_developer dont even exist in my config.cfg so i add it but i dident work. Do someone know what is wrong? Se You on the Roads truckers!
  12. I have recently encountered a problem, please give your advice if you have any. I did not play ETS2 MP for about 2-3 months - during this period the game and multiplayer itself received several updates (I downloaded them), plus I updated my OS to Windows 10. That's what happens now: I lunch the game with my old config file, press ~ and nothing happens)) Well, I decided to check settings - both variabes 'uset g_console' and 'uset g_developer' are set to '1'. Whatever I did - nothing helped: I deleted the game, deleted configs, deleted profile, and then set it all over again. It seemed like some
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