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Found 5 results

  1. note: i have downgraded my game to 1.37 on ets 2! ok so iv been having some problems getting into sim 1, so heres what happens i open the tmp launcher no problems there the game opens up and im able to login just fine, but its when i load into the world it will give you the same connecting to server and gives you your place in the queue, but at the tom it will say authenticating, and just wont log me into the server. Iv had my game open for 1hr waiting for it to connect but it just wont!, is anyone ells having this problem
  2. Suggestion Name: Reconnect Button Suggestion Description: Please add some "reconect button", it is very frustraing tohave to reconnect every time you forget about how you can get kicked. For example, i'm quite new to this platform and i didn't even know that for looking at the map for too long i can get kicked for "afk". Then I have to turn off the game, connect again, wait for the promods to load and so on.. It would be very usefull to have some way to quickly reconnect to a server, even if you had to wait in the queue again. Any example images: Why should it be added?: Many people would appreciate it, that's for sure. Loves
  3. I cant find the servers when i launch ATS. I've uninstalled truckersMP fully and verified the cache ins steam. My brother is right next to me and can play. It was working earlier but it wont now. Firewall is off and i have no antivirus. I attached a screenshot and the log
  4. Hi guys! I can't connect to Europe 1 or 2. They are not full and they're online. I set my profile to public. So i don't know what is wrong. I appreciate, if you'll help me. Thanks!
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