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Found 3 results

  1. Hi! I'm about to report a player who rammed me but when I search his/her name to get the TruckersMP ID, it says no player found so I'm guessing he/she changed his/her name. Here's the video that I'm about to report. I would like to teach that guy a lesson.
  2. Title: Connect to server in non-collisions areas only Description: Sometimes you are driving along a long and boring road, then suddenly you get to a standstill. A couple of seconds later, another player connects. He disconnected or lost connection on the road, and now reconnected on the road. But at the moment he was connecting at the road, you were driving there. Your truck gets heavily damaged, and there was nothing you can do about it because you did not count on connecting players being in your way. This is frustrating, annoying and it will hurt your wallet due to repairs (unless you cheated some millions.. ), and you can cancel your current delivery. The crash can also cause traffic jams, and in the end, there are only frustrated truckers and the only one who is happy is the truck mechanic. Any example images: Nope, but Youtube will provide you with enough content. Why should it be added?: If players can't connect to the server while they are in a collisions area, they can't cause crashes.
  3. Suggestion Name: Add a Crash Behavior System. Suggestion Description: A system that detect Collisions between two or more players, and show a button to the involved players for teleport to a service. If any of the players press the button, all involved players will be sent to the service station. So, If a collision happen, the system show an option to the involved players for report the situation, example: [Do you want to report the collision with user XXX?]. And if any of the users, respond yes (or click yes), all involved users will be sended to the service station nearset (This could work by letting some seconds pass [30 for example] before sending users to the service for more realism and that the cars do not disappear suddenly). Scenarios: * If you are collided by other player, and if you think that the collitions is intentional, them you (or the other player) press the collision button, and the player and you will be send to the service station. * If you are collided by other player, and you think that the collisions is not intentional (an accident), So, you ignore the button (the button is showed for any seconds), or press other cancel button. I thing that this is more realistic and effective that report, and can control people that are reckless driver. Complements: To prevent intentional collisions, this system can be complemented with a reported crashes counter. So, if a players was sended to the service station X times in Y period of time (example: 3 times in 15 minutes), these player must be blocked for logging in mupliplayers for some hours (two hours for example). The counter is a control to prevent that people collide intentionally. If two players are sended to the service station, the counter is incremented for all involved players. With this, these peoples will much more careful when driving to prevent more counts. The counter rules that occur to me are the following: 2 shipments in 10 minutes, involves not being able to access the game for 10 minutes. 3 shipments in 20 minutes, involves not being able to access the game for 30 minutes. 2 shipments in 10 minutes, involves not being able to access the game for 10 minutes, and you cannot "report collisions" until 10 minutes after being sent to a station for the last time. What is the idea of this? The idea is to be able to control the users who go there, crashing left and right without being able to be controlled immediately (I know we have the reports), since many times the game's reporting system is not at all useful. Examples: The examples I will place will be under rule 3: [2 shipments in 10 minutes, involves not being able to access the game for 10 minutes, and you cannot "report collisions" until 10 minutes after being sent to a station for the last time]. 1.- We are driving very quietly and suddenly someone bumps us and turns the truck, at that moment the option to report the collision appears, and obviously we will indicate that if we want to report it, with which we are sent to the service station and the user who crashed us is also sent. With this we have managed to stop or at least get the user out of the road where he was making rushes. We must bear in mind that doing this increases the collision counter by 1, so we cannot use this option again within 10 minutes, and most importantly, in those 10 minutes we must avoid having a collision and be reported already otherwise, we will be kicked out of the game for 10 minutes. But of course if we are respectful and careful drivers we will not have to worry because we will hardly be there colliding with other players. Who should be very careful is the user who initially crashed us, since he is an irresponsible driver and if he has another collision and is reported in less than 10 minutes, he will be kicked from the game. 2.- We are driving very quietly with a friend and suddenly it crashes us, at that moment the option of reporting the collision appears, as is our friend we simply ignore the option or give up canceling since we do not want to affect our friend or us Same in these cases. This option could be "Automatic" that is, the system is not activated if those involved in a crash are Steam Friends. 2.- We are driving very quietly and suddenly a stranger accidentally crashes us and we think that this does not affect us, at that moment the option to report the collision appears, and we simply ignore the option or we cancel because we do not want to affect the person who shocked us or ourselves in this case. -------------------------------------------------- ---- * The idea of the accountant is to prevent trolls from trolling with this option. * The idea that although we are the ones who report the collision we are also sent to the service station is for us to use the option with awareness, since we have to think if it is really worth losing our route to report to the user who hit us (More than once I have been willing to do it with users too reckless). * I think this idea brings much more realism to the game than just limiting speed, since in real life the cars are not crashing and not even pinking other cars. It seems to me that this option will make drivers much more careful people when driving. * Another important thing here, is that this option gives us power to control trolls optimally, and it takes a lot of work away from administrators with infinite reports that arrive day by day. * In addition, this option will be used less and less in the future, as users become more careful, which may allow removing speed limit options, servers without cars, etc. Any example images: No Why should it be added?: I think that this behavior is useful for minimize the rammers and reckless drivers, offering the possibility of acting quickly and effectively when they collide. Also, this system can make the game more realistic, making players much more careful when driving. Further, this can minimize the number of reports and the admins work. Sorry for my bad english!
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