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Found 17 results

  1. Hello, does anybody know what happened with caravan? I can't buy it and i don't see it anywhere. Did they removed it?
  2. Today I bought Scout but I can't find any caravan jobs for it (there always were when I played before). Do I need to buy my own caravan or I just can't find any jobs?
  3. visarskivi


    Hello everybody Im searching for a Caravan for my Scout but i cant find them .... Where or how can i actually find them? Thanks
  4. Hi Everyone; Today I'll show you how to get the caravan trailer. Firstly after you get the car come to "Free Work". Find the "Caravan" trailer here and set the GPS. Then follow the GPS and perform the trailer connections. Trailer with Car is Ready! Note: This trailer is completely legal but only for Car. Best Regards.
  5. Здравейте на всички; Днес ще ви покажа как да си вземете каравана. Първо, след като получите колата, отидете на "Безплатна работа". Намерете трейлъра на "Каравана" тук и задайте GPS. След това следвайте GPS и извършете закачането на ремаркето. Ремаркето с кола е готово! Забележка: Този трейлър е напълно легален, но само за автомобил. С Най-Добри Пожелания !
  6. После 3х-месячного отсутствия. Всегда катал только долгие и дорогие караваны на Шкодах. Сейчас они стали ООООЧЕНЬ невыгодными, за 500км пути можно получить максимум 2к евро. Это у меня одного такая проблема или действительного караваны порезали?
  7. Suggestion Name : More variety for caravans Suggestion Description : Right now the caravans add some meaning to the cars, and makes the game more fun overall. But everyone has the same style of caravan. Trucks have different cargo ( pipes,wood,gas tanker,helicopters..) and it makes the game more realistic and interesting as different people deliver different cargo. But every car uses the same caravan. It's not realistic or good on the eye in my opinion. It's like there is only 1 type of caravan in the EU. Any example images : Follow the link for examples ; http://jmp.sh/uZ51GJz Why should it be added? : As mentioned before , all the caravans look the same and it's a negative for the realism and fun aspect. Having different colors or shapes can be better to the game.
  8. Hi Everyone, I started to play ETS2 MP again, but I don't understand one thing. Last time when I played with it, I could make a lot of money with caravans, but now I can only make a few Euros per job. Was there an update, or something is wrong on my side? Thank you for every answer, Patrik
  9. Suggestion Name: Adjustment to payload Suggestion Description: i would like to see an increase of payload for the caravan to about 2tons, instead of 0.6 by now. Any example images: -none Why should it be added?: at the moment you barely get your fuel back, when using a caravan in combination with cargo market.
  10. Suggestion Name: buy your own caravan Suggestion Description: My idea is that you can buy your own caravan trailer. Any example images: None Why should it be added?: It should be added because it is annoying to always look for a caravan order and it wouldalso be great if you could own your own.
  11. Hello. I found this day a bug. You can do a caravan freight by a truck. I don't know why but it is possible. https://gyazo.com/0a66b9dab135c15d502b6d2b306e719d
  12. I have restarted the game several times and done g_force_economy_reset but nothing helps, is this a bug or am I doing something wrong.
  13. Hallo. Ich habe eine Problem. Ich versuche schon seit der veröffentlichung der Caravans, einen auftrag zu finden. Ich habe schon probiert im SP einen Caravan auftrag per mod anzunehmen nur der auftrag war dan nicht im MP. Kann mir jemand sagen, wie ich einen Caravan Auftrag kriege? (p.s. Bitte kein ja du musst in den Frachtmarkt gucken! Hab ich alles schon.)
  14. Hey, i tried to find a caravan in the job market with my skoda, and also i installed and activated the skoda mod from @LSPD Gamer but there are still no caravans. Any suggestions?
  15. How can I get to the caravan, I looked everywhere?
  16. I tried everything,installing new patch doesn't show me a caravan,I tried those ''economy reset 1/0'' also doesnt help,I tried to look at low weight on freight market,but the lowest is 4t,load for a truck.. I have my car,tried driving to multiple states,now Im tired already,can anyone help me how to see,drive a caravan in ets2 mp with a car,I have a new car skoda extra d and stillnothing...
  17. Hey all, this is my first thread and I am hoping this is where it goes but without dilly dallying, I have one question: Why are there only two of the same freight job at once? My friends and I were setting up a three man caravan and were trying to get the same job so we could all go to the same location with a job. However whenever two of us accepted the job, the third one got a message saying the load has been lost (exact words escape me at the moment since it is the next day) and the job had been canceled. This meant one of us had to go without a job to still caravan. Is there any way around this or is this a featured restriction? I would like to know because if it is a restriction, would a bump up be possible? 2 seems like such a small number. If it is a bug, then is there a way to fix it on our end or on the MP side? Any bit of info helps. Thanks, -MJ P.S. if it helps, we play on the American servers.
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