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Found 1 result

  1. For some who have seen my replays I am using FaceTrackNoIR software with my Plexgear 720p Cam. What this software is, is that it's a cheap / almost free version of the TrackIR where you only need a CAM and the Software which can be purchased for roughly 2,5€. Think about a Cam you might have laying around or a cheap one you wanted to buy then you add that with this software and you get a cheap Face Tracking that doesn't cost a fortune! I would highly recommend this for users who doesn't have much money and want a quick but also a semi-solution for now! My quick guide of this is not so indepth but I will go through the basics on how to set it up (My way) First off you need your cam, some are not supported according to the site but mine isn't either but it sure works! (Plexgear 720p Cam) Then you need your FaceTrackNoIR Software When you buy it, you will get a download link to the program on your mail and it's a quick install. There is a lot of information on their site which I provided in this guide and you can read other's experiences with it. When you launch the Software it will look sort of like this: When the front side looks like in the spoiler then you can move onto the Curves. Now shortkeys! These are important! Issues you might come across / Solutions to those and also some explainations Changing your Camera position in-game will change the Camera Reset point to that position! There is no need to setup anything in-game as it automatically should do that for you. Just start FaceTrackNoIR first and then the game! If I find anything new to attach to this guide then I will post new things inside the guide. (I highly recommend trying it with a Steering Wheel!) Interested in how it looks for me? Here is my Plays.tv where I have both my report clips and some random clips where I park and such Note also: When going into low FPS areas, the tracking will lag too in-game so you might want to Pause the Camera Movement and drive safe! [+New]Important: If you have glasses like I do then I hope that you can actually see without them or have non-reflecting glasses. My glasses reflect the light from anything in my room and my monitors so the camera cannot pick up my eyes and then crops the face grid down below your glasses which will make your camera look elsewhere whenever you turn your head in any way. Contacts, non-reflecting glasses or no glasses is the way to go sadly... I know terrible.. I have tried this for a long time and I sadly cannot afford any Non-reflecting glasses as of now to test and I can also not get any contacts yet as I have not met the requirements. I only need my glasses for reading or looking far away unless I want to get close on both parts so it isn't a big issue for me. [+New]As I've gotten questions about the ceiling lamp being on all the time when using FaceTrackNoIR, I've confirmed you don't need it on actually.. However you need a source of light located infront of you then that just lights up your face good enough on left and right side. I use both my left and right extra monitors with two browsers up. I use TruckersMP's forum site as it is bright and works perfect! I changed my settings on the monitors to 100brightness and 80contrast which isn't to bright or to dimmed. When having this type of light source your tracking will be somewhat risky depending on how your camera is tracking but I would recommend playing around with this for a while before deciding to just constantly go with that under heavy traffic. When you're in a Non-collision-zone I'd highly recommend you sit motionless and look forward in your truck and try to notice any movement. Move your head left and right gently and see if it jerks. Go all the way to the end of your Curves that you have set and then move back to the middle. If you notice the camera not being lined up anymore you center it and redo the process again to see if it works for you. I am going to do this without my two other monitors on and just using the game as source of light in day / night cycle of the game. Note that this test was done 3am during the winter so it's pitch black in my room. I also tested doing this in American Truck Simulator so it's working totally fine with the settings I have and I can confirm my settings are supporting ATS right now. Videos (using this software supports the developer of it. He has his story about it on the software website!) I am available for questions at anytime! You can comment here for questions if there was anything you were to wonder about. I will reply at anytime I am on my computer (which is most of the days / nights!) ~1nYX Changelog / Update to the Guide Things that is planned to be added so far to this guide. Don't forget to make multiple profile saves for each major changes you make so you have both smooth / sensetive / steep or any other settings profiles you want. Always great to be safe and save the pervious setup to recover! (I am really driven to make a perfect guide for this software. I use it everyday and It's a great starter program for those who already owns a Webcam or wanted to buy one anyways!) (Thanks also for the 4 Upvotes on this guide and 150+ Views! Doesn't seem much to others but it's a lot to me)
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