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Found 25 results

  1. Suggestion Name: Making the gas station double-sided Suggestion Description: There is a lot of traffic on the one-way road in Calais Duisburg between 19.30 and after. The gas station on one side of the road also triggers the traffic. Gas station should be double-sided Any example images: Why it should be added: To reduce traffic and chaos that's why it should be done.
  2. Suggestion Name: New Signs to TMP Suggestion Description: Some signs I made to increase knowledge to drivers on Calais -> Duisburg road. Any example images: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1GVKxG21D0hiOQc5KuBx4aLDT6DzW35LH?usp=sharing Why should it be added?: I believe it should be added as it can increase the awareness of drivers in certain areas of the road. I have attached a Google Drive link that will have all the examples. if accepted i will send over svgs.
  3. Öneri Adı: Calais Hizmet Çıkış Yoğunluğu ve Çözüm Önerisi Öneri Açıklama: Calais Servis Çıkışı Aşırı Kalabalık, Özellikle Akşam Saatlerinde Calais Dayanılmaz. Bunun İçin Bir Önerim Var, Mümkün Olduğunca Kısa Tutmaya Çalışacağım. Benim önerim Calais Servisinin yollarının Servis ile birleştirilmesi olacaktır. Bu sayede onun oyuncusu bir yola girmeye çalışmayacaktır. Yoğunluk çok yüksek olmayacak. Herkese 3 yola dağıtılacak. Detaylı fotoğrafı aşağıya ekledim. İnceleyip olumlu veya olumsuz görüşlerinizi paylaşabilirsiniz. Bu konu hakkında bilgi almayız varsa onları da belirtebilirsiniz.. Herhangi bir örnek resim: Neden Eklenmeli : ücretlendirmeyi en aza indirecek bir çözüm bulmak için bunu yapmalıyız.
  4. Hi there, this might be a dumb question but I wanted to ask anyway. When will calais event end? or Will it end? Again might be a dumb question but I was wondering since it is hell going to calais since there are ppl who go under 40 km/h and some who go 110 kmh and ram ppl for "Not EnouGh SpAcE" Thanks.
  5. Suggestion Description : Calais is the city with the most players present and with the famous Calais-Duisburg road, this does not help, all these factors make that there are a lot of accidents (compared to other cities), traffic jams etc. .... That's why, to avoid as much as possible the ban and the long waiting of the players (and the heavy work of moderators) , I suggest to redo the entrance and the exit of the city. What would I suggest? : I have created a plan that I thought would solve the problem. The plan remains rough, but it is understandable enough to share it ! The Map Legend : = Intersection with traffic light = Road for trucks only (with Smart Sign) = Prohibition Listing all, I propose to add: - Another garage entrance - Move the dealer - Two roundabouts (one at the place of the intersection to enter the city and the other at the place of LKW) - Move LKW - A road only for trucks (to sort out a bit from there) - A small road that is directly connected to the death road (Calais-Duisburg) - Another road that is connected from the intersection at the bottom of the garage to the other road passing by the highway (so that the players can get out if needed) (I also added a gas station as there is none directly in the city but it's still a plus). On the port side, I didn't touch anything. I hope I haven't forgotten anything Why should it be added? : It should be added to fluidify the traffic and to limit the traffic jams and accidents by putting several entry and exit in the city. Written by KarThon10 and this translator (because I don't have the right level of English, I apologize for the language mistakes due to the translator)
  6. Suggestion Name: Calais Revamp Suggestion Description: Remake the entire city. Any example images: Yes. Why should it be added?: Calais is a nightmare to get in and especially out of the city. The current problem areas are Traffic Light leaving A16 & Road in front of Repair Shop. Map is laid out and based on the actual city map. What my suggestion does: Road from A16 to Port is one way to the port, exits removed. Port Road splits at the end to port or city. At the second eastern exit will be used as the primary access road for gas, with access the repair towards the center of the city (with a light at the exit intersection). Companies are spread out to give roads a purpose to drive down it, besides map discovery. A16 intersection to Train has been revamped. One way roads to and from. With an added gas station on each side. A loop road has been placed in case someone misses the entrance to the trains. Understanding my map: A16: Purple Line Blue Lines: Two way roads and roundabouts. Lime Line: One way in one direction. Green Line: One way in the other direction. Orange Line: Road to a company/service. Red Line: One way path where 2 green lines would of met (Train Area Only). That's a bridge, not a junction. Black Area: Painted ground to help visually see the map better. Original roads are kept solely for the purpose of viewing the map. They won't exist should this suggestion be implemented. Placement of the companies is used as a guide. Staff reserve the right to change (stokes for an example) to a different location they deem fits the layout and won't be a bottleneck area.
  7. Suggestion Name: Cars problem on TMP Suggestion Description: Imitating access to cars/suvs for regular/new players Any example images: Biggest example is big traffic cities like Calais. Why should it be added?: Most of car drivers are driving reckless and are most of jams reason because they driving with cars like they are in tank and ramming other trucks. Most of these car's used to create jams and drive reckless. Suggestion how to fix that issue: Remove access for cars to regular players and leave only available for moderators or make them accessible from certain playing time or profile creation time (like after new profile creation needs to past 3 months to make cars available for driving)
  8. SORTING OF TRAFFIC Suggestion Description: Calais is the city with the highest number of players. The city is known for long traffic queues and where many players get their first ban. When you are on your way to Calais, you always drive past this exit (IMAGE A1 RED CIRCLE) A1 There is always a long queue of many players going down to the city. The road marked in red also has long queues due players getting out of (mechanic, garage, etc) After the bus update, the players have been divided into two groups. Trucks and buses. The problem with this is that everyone is going down the same exit + everyone is going through the same street. My suggestion intends to create less queues in calais How are we going to do this? If you take a look at picture (IMAGE A2), you can see how I think. The blue line shows where most people drive today The green line shows where almost no one is driving If we close the possibility for buses to drive down this exit The blue line, But let them drive down the next exit at the harbor The green line. Will we eliminate the possibility of creating a queue a little her The blue line. This system can be compared to a sorting station, this will make it easier to get into Calais, And it will be easier for bus traffic to arrive at their Bus station. A2 Any example images/video: BUS TRAFFIC TO CALAIS SHOWS "BUS TRAFFIC PROHIBITED" SIGN Why should it be added?: To create safer and less traffic Calais. Not least make it easier for buses to drive into the Calais. From Kzumastormz
  9. Suggestion Name: New easy redesign for the Calais intersection Suggestion Description: For me the easy way to rearange the Calais intersection is to mirror it, cause right now the trucks coming from DU to CA are crossing the trucks going from CA to DU. With mirroring the intersecton the crossing mostly ends and the traffic flow will increase Any example images: Current: https://imgur.com/5TQBABX Future: https://imgur.com/sZLyI7r Why should it be added?: as already said to decrease accidents and increrase traffic flow without using a new giant intersection
  10. Suggestion Name: Calais Intersection Improvement Suggestion Description: Improve the intersection. Improve Traffic Flow. Any example images: Yes. ^ This is the overview of the project. There's room for improvement as the team sees fit (lanes, positioning, ect). ^ This is the problem spot. Admittedly, there was roughly 2,800 players on at the time. Leaving the highway and leaving the city is what makes this a problem spot. ^ It's Accident prone from getting off the highway to getting across the problem spot. Sure, there might be nice players to let the roads alternate traffic flow. But not every player thinks alike. ^ Regardless of whether it's driving skills, being impatient, wanting to troll, or some other reason, it's accident prone. (Really glad i got to witness this one). ^ And can result in a traffic mess. Why should it be added?: Traffic flow will increase by removing the problem spot. Either direction won't need to cross paths allowing for improved traffic flow. Sadly, scenes like this can't be fixed. See image and below it. It's similar to how it looks IRL and this is what's in place on the ProMods map. For anyone focused about WoT contracts, i've got a solution for you. Just go around. Longer yes, but you won't have to worry about any impacts.
  11. 9 ASTUCES POUR LA ROUTE CALAIS-DUISBOURG Bonjour à tous! Cette route va de Calais à Duisbourg et elle fait 450 km de long. Elle est habituellement fortement fréquentée. Si vous aimez le trafic, vous pourriez aimer rouler sur cette route. Voici quelques astuces. SOYEZ PATIENT: Ça peut paraître bête mais croyiez moi, c'est important. Il vous faudra beaucoup de patience car de nombreux conducteurs trollent ou font des accidents juste pour s'amuser et ruiner l'expérience des autres joueurs. SAUVEGARDE RAPIDE: Si vous avez un accident, vous pouvez charger votre dernière sauvegarde rapide (Toutes les 5 minutes). C'est vraiment utile mais il y a encore mieux, c'est la possibilité d'utiliser une touche pour charger la sauvegarde: Premièrement, mettez un raccourci pour la sauvegarde rapide dans vos paramètres. Ensuite au volant, si vous pensez que quelque chose de mauvais va arriver, il vous suffit juste d'appuyer sur la touche que vous avez choisie. Cela vous fera réapparaître là où votre sauvegarder rapide s'est effectuée avec un mode fantôme de 10 secondes. Faites attention à vous et aux autres, avant de sauvegarder, arrêtez-vous sur le côté de la route. Si vous sauvegardez au milieu de la route, vous allez aussi réapparaître au milieu de route et les autres joueurs peuvent ne pas savoir que vous êtes en mode fantôme ceux qui peuvent causer des accidents. (Ne marche pas avec les contrats externes) NE ROULEZ PAS AU DESSUS DE 80-90 KM/H: Il y a souvent des bouchons sur cette route. Si vous roulez trop vite qu'un bouchon se forme, vous n'aurez surement pas le temps et l'espace de vous arrêter ce qui va créer un accident et peut vous faire bannir. NE KLAXONNEZ PAS POUR RIEN: C'est énervant et ça n'aide le trafic à s'améliorer, ça va qu'embêter les autres et vous risquez de vous faire signaler! UTILISEZ VOS FEUX DE DÉTRESSE SI VOUS ÊTES À L'ARRIÈRE D'UN BOUCHON: Ce n'est pas nécessaire mais c'est toujours pratique pour informer les conducteurs qui sont derrière d'un ralentissement. CETTE ROUTE EST IDENTIQUE À N'IMPORTE QUELLE AUTRE ROUTE DU JEU: Conduisez normalement, si vous devez vous arrêter, mettez-vous sur le côté et laisser passez les autres. Suivez le Code de la route et les panneaux. Utilisez vos clignotants.... SI VOUS VOUS ENNUYEZ, LISEZ LE CHAT: Le chat peut être aussi bien mauvais qu'amusant et beaucoup de choses peuvent s'y passer. SOYEZ RESPECTUEUX (OU PAS) AVEC LES AUTRES: Si quelqu'un s'est fait rentrer dedans, ne le klaxonner pas (ce n'est pas de sa faute). Si quelqu'un veut s'engager sur la route, laissez-le passer. Si quelqu'un vous fait des appels de phrases car vous êtes "lent", dites-lui d'aller jouer sur les serveurs Arcade. Si quelqu'un s'excuse après vous être rentré dedans par accident, acceptez ses excuses et reprenne la route. LA RADIO: La radio est le chat vocal. Si vous êtes facilement embêtés par des gens qui soufflent dans leur micro, qui parlent une langue que vous connaissez par, qui mettez de la musique dans la micro ou juste embêter d'entre des voix, vous devriez désactiver la radio dans votre camion. Sur cette route, vous allez trouvez: 3 Stations essences 1 Passage à niveau Beaucoup d'intersections Beaucoup de courbes (certaines sont dangereuses) Beaucoup de camions Bonne route!
  12. Guest

    Traffic lights at calais

    Suggestion Name: Traffic lights at calais. Suggestion Description: Traffic Lights at calais Suggestion. Any example images: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2389036911 & https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2389036831 Why should it be added?: More safe to drive. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2389036911 https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2389036831 In my opinion is that is more safer but always watch if just someone coming (for safely)
  13. Hey Leute! Da der Game Moderator mir meine Frage nicht beantwortet hat ( In Deutsch und Englisch ) muss Ich mich an Euch wenden. Wie genau läuft das ab wenn man nun die Leute Reporten möchte die Trotz des Verbots Convois fahren. Hier ein kleines bild von der D-C Strecke zur veranschaulichung: Vielen dank schonmal für eure Antworten. MFG Devilcraft
  14. Suggestion Name: New option to report players Suggestion Description: I'd really appreciate it if it was possible to click on player's name tags while having the tab open and right clicking on the screen to get the yellow mouse. Any example images: - Why should it be added?: This would be really useful to report someone in a high populated area as you can simply click on his name, as the player stands right by your side.
  15. Suggestion Description: A speed restriction to 70-90 on the popular Calais/Duisburg route Any example images: Why should it be added?: The route is only one lane for each direction making overtaking and getting around dangerous. Do too many peoples bad FPS or excessive speeds they have no time to react to a collision ahead which is especially difficult while driving 130 on this route... A speed restriction would reduce secondary collisions as well as keep the follow of traffic much easier to manage.
  16. Suggestion Name: Ban Skodas and tractors with no trailers from Duisburg-Calais Suggestion Description: A ban for Skodas and single trucks (no trailer) from the Countryroad between Calais and Duisburg as specally 70-80% of all Skodas drive realy bad and overtake all the time. Also there are many of them ramming on purpose and queze through every tiny space in traffic jams. And they are useless and unnecessary trafic as they dont transport any goods. Any example images: nope Why should it be added?: It would reduce the trafic and overtakers on this very bussy road and would make this road saver for all normal driving players. Also, as our admins cant ban all of those bad drivers at once as there are to many bad drivers and not enough admins, it would be a useful improvisation.
  17. Suggestion Name: More administration in Duisgurg- Calais area Suggestion Description: At the crossroads near duisburg during the server peak hours there is a huge number of players. The administration is hardly visible, and in my opinion it should be there due to the huge number of accidents there and the entire death path. If it is possible, I would ask for increased patrols of administration in this area. Why should it be added?: Why is more administration needed in this area, we all know well. But in my opinion the biggest argument is the number of accidents in this area.
  18. Suggestion Name: Traffic Lights at Calais intersection to Lille/Paris/Brussels Suggestion Description: This place is at high player counts mostly congested and lots of people don't give way at people coming from Calais or Brussels/Duisburg, The current situation is that there are people with pilot cars sometimes controlling it but that is not allowed for that purpose and they get kicked by admins/moderators. A solution for everyone will be, add traffic lights to the congestion like in ProMods, It gives everyone the solution to take their turn and will solve many problems. I think this could be possible since TruckersMP only needs to add some objects, this could be added with a patch. Any example images: Yes (source: ProMods) (In this last image, the cross/road block should be ignored, this is the route to Brussels/Liege from Calais but this route is disabled in ProMods.) Why should it be added?: It makes the traffic there more smoothly and gives everyone a chance of crossing the intersection when it is very busy. Resulting in less accidents.
  19. Suggestion Name: Calais exit traffic light Suggestion Description: As you all know, the city of Calais traffic is the busiest traffic congestion in the region that is mostly connected to the highway. TruckersMP team can reduce traffic by adding traffic lights. Any example images: Why should it be added?: Why add? Because in this region, the people who think of themselves as a police traffic light blockers and prevented traffic may have relieved. NOTE: The pictures above are taken from ProMods map. Yours truly.
  20. Location: Calais - Duisburg The Railroad on the Calais - Duisburg road, has a bug occasionally where sometimes, after a train passes and the gate goes up, sometimes is doesn't go up, but the lights will still flash white.
  21. The true title was meant to be 'Why SCS and TruckersMP should have been banned from making games'. Let's get straight into it. Server issues no one actually care about. The difference between position shown on player's screen vs server's reality is many times TOO BIG (even tho both players have decent connection) Kicking or how to bully your own community. This is the reason why everyone in team of TMP should be fired. Who came up with the idea to force players to turn on their lights in strict hours although the sun's up. It look silly! Imagine that you play with wireless keyboard and mouse, you log in, realize that your keyboard ran out of juice the second you hit the road and boom, kicked! This is just stupid bullying over rules you * made up! Get your minds straight. I understand it's really important for players not to drive as ghosts but this is stupid. Limits or everyone likes cars but SCS and TMP don't care about it. Let me show you the bitter truth! You had EU1 with realism. You made EU2 with cars and unlimited speed. You realized people like it more then your * 'realism' You added speed limit to EU2 because you *can't stand that people like something else then trucking 90km/h You give us arguments that there are less accidents, of course because all the normal players QUIT WHY haven't you made EUx server just to see if people would rather drive with speed limits? BECAUSE YOU KNEW THE ANSWER If you are so sure about the accidents rate, show us charts! Come on, do it. Show me the accident rate BEFORE and AFTER speed limitation. You have none? Oh my bad, wait NO. You made your heads on something based on your subjective feelings and force it upon your community as facts and reasons you make your decisions. That's what I call hypocrisy! If your report system worked, you would have all the data I'm asking you to show, but it doesn't work so you are left behind with 2 things: Unlimited power over your own product Wrath and anger over people who enjoy driving cars (200km/h on highways, overtaking, and all the other entertaining thigs) I usually drive on CD road 200kmh with overtaking and no accidents. I can even add a video for you to prove it. It's not about speed, it's about community. Your childish attitude mirrors in your players. You force your community to play by your rules just like a little kid that wants all his little friends to play with trucks, even tho they want to play with cars. You are a shame. SCS I'd explain myself very briefly. I added a whole A4 page to their forum about what should be changed, what should be added. I'm not going to post the link here unless someone asks for it, but the answer to my ideas and suggestions (which would have been a real enrichment for both community and wallet of SCS) was unexpected and came from one of their testers: 'The game is fine as it is, I don't think anything should be added' Tell me what kind of company doesn't give a * about it's customers and only thing in it's eyes is profit and milking the same old game over and over again by creating paid DLC maps which aren't that hard to make. I doubt they pay more then 7k for one DLC to make and milk their fans in one of the worst ways. I am very angry with you, you ruined my all time favorite game just because YOU want to play it by your own way. Shame on you
  22. wpx_

    Crash @ Calais

    Game: Euro Truck Simulator 2 Mod Version: 1.31.1s / patch: Controllers Used: Logitech G29 + shifter Description of Issue: Game crashes when You go into Calais on the two lanes presented on the video bellow. How to reproduce: - Screenshots / Videos: Game/client log: https://pastebin.com/pDZs3ecz Crash log: https://pastebin.com/ZzfFYeKC Spawn log: https://pastebin.com/jeDabmvC
  23. I was and still have this problem of freezing players in cities with great movement. After performing several tests I found that it comes from a blocking of the TruckersMP server with my ip (I do not know if it is related to numbering or is something random). The temporary solution I found to the problem is to use proxy to change the ip and get to run normally. The problem that VPN are expensive and TruckersMP taking better science of this problem has to solve it immediately. Many players face this problem and are banned confused by hacker use. And the answer I see from TruckersMP is that it's a connection problem which is not true. After using proxy the connection becomes much more unstable causing slowness. Below is a video of the bug.
  25. Nazwa sugestii: Jak w temacie Opis sugestii: Admini powinni kickowac graczy którzy w scoutach wjeżdzają do ruchliwych miejsc. Niewiem czy w ep jest taki zakaz ale w Rotterdamie tacy gracze tworzą sztuczny tłum i dużo trolli jeździ "skodami" , a ciężarówka nie ma szans przed nią uciec. Zakaz ten zmniejszył by liczbę wypadków i trolli. Przykładowe obrazki: Nie potrzebne Dlaczego twoja sugestia a nie inna: Myślę że po wprowadzeniu tego zakazu ruch znacząco by się polepszył
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