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Found 3 results

  1. What are your favorite cabin accessoires? Miniature trucks, pillows, LED-lights etc My favorite cabin accessories are the Volvo FH miniature truck and Magical Spiral
  2. Suggestion Name: Adding ProMods Cabin Accessories Pack Suggestion Description: Adding the ProMods Cabin Accessories Pack into TruckersMP. Also This Pack includes: Mugs with more than 60 different country flags ProMods mug. 60 Diffrent pennants, big and small with country flags a few ProMods pennants and some mini scarfs a Promods-themed curtain and three ProMods-themed dices. Any example images: Preview from ProMods Cabin Accesories Pack from inside the game: Why should it be added?: Whould be an neat and awsome Addition for the Multiplayer and for the Cabbin Accessories aswell as Celebrating the ProMods Partnership. All credit and Copyright © goes to the Blog Post of ProMods: ProMods Cabin Accessories Pack Blog Post
  3. All my DLC's I just bought are incompatible with the mods, i have copied the dlc's from my steam folder to the ets2 folder where this mod is, and then nothing, then i moved the mod into my steam folder, still nothing, i have no clue what to do, everywhere i read it's possible to use dlc's on the mod, but.... i can't Update: the rocket league promo dlc worked perfectly from the beginning, but the ones i bought after getting multiplayer, don't want to do anything, the dlc's that dont work are : scandinavia, polish paint jobs, window flags, and cabin accessories
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