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Found 4 results

  1. Witajcie! Ostatnio zakupiłem kierownicę G29 z pedałami i gałką skrzyni biegów. Najpierw zainstalowałem Logitech G HUB, lecz zanim uruchomiłem jakiekolwiek gry, po zapoznaniu się z opiniami nt, G hub zmieniłem go na LGS Logitech Gaming Software. Gdy odpaliłem ETS2 i ATS przyciski nie działały. Sama oś kierownicy, pedałów i biegi były sprawne, ale łopatki i przyciski nie działały. Próbowałem wiele rzeczy i nic. Doszedłem do wniosku żeby zainstalować ponownie G hub. I przyciski zadziałały! Ale w grze Farming Simulator 19 Force feedback nie działał, to znaczy: kierownica bez względu na teren
  2. Hello! I'm very new here in this Forum and in the game as well. So sorry if this question is already answered. I have a G29 Wheel and the H.Shifter for it, and of course the pedals. I bought american truck simulator. Can you give me an advise of du konfigure the Buttons? I bought the game over steam. Steam recognizes the Wheel, but the up and down buttons and the twist-regulator and the button there inside i can't referre there on steam (only information for you) Some times these Buttons don't work in the game, so i don`t use them un
  3. Hello, I'm having this problem since a while. When I type in the chat my keyboard is still activated. So if you want to write a M you go into the map menu when writing in the chat. Example video: In the video you can see that when I write G my game goes into the garage menu and when I press numbers it goes to different camera angles. I have completely reinstalled truckersmp and set the settings to default. Is there anyone that can help me? Borek
  4. I've been playing my account for American Truck Sim (MP) a while with my steering wheel and pedals connected as always, and for some reason i log on and it's failing to find my steering wheel buttons. Turning left and right, and my pedals are fine, even the engine start on my steering wheel is fine, but when i look in the keybinds settings, it shows the rest as 'missing'. I tested and created another profile, and all the keybinds were found and it all works fine, until i switch back to my main profile, so it's obviously bugged out on my main profile. But i really can't and don't want to st
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