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Found 4 results

  1. Hi there. i am having a problem with my ETS2MP, every time i go into drive mode it will connect me to the server as usual, but then the screen goes black and it ALT + tabs me, but single player mode works fine I have searched into it but I'm having no luck, if anyone knows the answer please help me out thanks --Roa_dwt
  2. In ETS2 SP, I can quick travel no problem (64 bit). As soon as I get onto ETS2 MP, I try to quick travel but my game freezes on a black screen. I've tried earlier auto-saves, but problem persists. This started happening in & I was able to quick travel in Any suggestions?
  3. Hello! Every time i want to travel over the sea or trying to use the emergency call, crashes my game off or the screen stays black (Blackscreen). I dont get any error messages or other things. But the strange thing is, my radio works perfectly... Things i do already: -Reinstall the game -Cleaning the cache (Steam & Windows) -Deleting all modifications -Use a new savefile (new driver) Here some Logs: Spawn Logs: https://paste.ee/p/94rE9 Thanks.
  4. What happened here is this. I tried to click ATSMP which worked perfectly fine for me until today. When I tried to get on the game, the game had a black screen and I couldn't do anything for the first few times. I restarted my computer & reinstalled the program. It happened again even though I reinstalled it for some odd reason but it seems to be happening before Steam opens up. Should I try to play the regular ATS and then go too the multiplayer version to see if that could fix my problem? If interested, I got the file directory installed here. C:\Program Files\TruckersMP Isn't it suppose to be there? After all, it's the default directory so I let it downloaded there. I will try to play the base-game now and then go try MP. If that fails, I will report back and post my results.
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