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Found 12 results

  1. This is only technical question, as I haven't found a response to it yet. The rules state that in order to join team (as a mod, etc) you cannot have more than 3 bans on your profile. I would like to ask, do the expired bans (past 1 year) count to that, if they do not count into your ban duration?
  2. Suggestion Name: Road to Simulation 2.0: How servers should be. Suggestion Description: With lots of feedback given by the community about how they want the characteristics of the servers, I think This could summarize all of that in one suggestion. The Idea is to debate the changes I suggest, except for the server Slots, which will be modified in the future by how many people use each one. So please, give it lots of reactions to get it open to give you the option to do your contributions. ARCADE Server (2200 SLOTS) Like the actual Arcade ones, but !!!WITH!!! Collision
  3. Hello, is it possible for users who have bans to have access only to arcade servers ??? Please accept because it's a good idea
  4. Suggestion Name: Bans public for VTC Suggestion Description: An option to allow people in the VTC able to see users bans Any example images: N/A Why should it be added?: Some users might not want there bans visible to everyone but some companies have public bans as a requirements Regards, Coolio85
  5. Make Sure Each Ban Which Is In-Game Is Always The Same Length For Players Hello All, I hope you're all doing very well - I've thoroughly enjoyed looking through the Forums with all the suggestions and points that have been made. Whilst doing that I have thought of some of my own which also help from other Forum posts that I have seen. Therefore, I'm just going to officially make this into a discussion. My suggestion which I would like to express is to do with 'Ban Lengths' and how the the Game Moderators situate it. Suggestion: - I have not
  6. Evening. I've read the rules once again and I've noticed one thing that in my honest opinion needs an explanation. According to the paragraph 2.9 of Rules, any ban issued 12 months before the current date is ignored while user is being banned. As it's written in the same line with the 6th ban rule, I'd ask whether it applies only to permanent bans, or all of them, for example if I had been banned for 3 months, 13 months ago, will my next ban be 3 months long, or will its duration be set at GM's discretion? Another example: I've had the 3rd ban issued 11 months ago, 1st and 2nd over 12 mon
  7. Hello i was suggesting that the community should think of payment option as a punishment for permanent bans rather than a permanent loss of a trucker/member.I know and understand that our community is now growing so fast than thought of and to the extent that controlling all truckers is becoming difficult and also increasingly expensive to maintain the servers. But if payment is thought of as an option for punishment this will decrease the number of reckless drivers in the game and also this money in the long run can help admins to efficiently maintain the servers. I came to this suggesti
  8. Merhaba TruckersMP. Harika bir fikirle buraya geldim. Truckersmp'de kullanıcılar 1 report yerine 3 report ile ban yemeli düşünüyorum. Bu kullanıcılar için daha sağlıklı olabilir. Sevgiler, Kewoo
  9. Since it doesn’t specify on the website if a ban exprires at that time in your time zone or if it is UTC, I thought I’d ask.
  10. Hello, I really want to join your team but, I've got problem. I've been banned for Car + Trailer but, I was new and I didn't know that you can take trailer to your car and I was surprised that actually you can take it so, I drove a bit but it was boring so I've cancelled that job shortly. Now I know that it is not allowed but earlier, I didn't know that.And what to do now about joining your wonderful Team? I will never do Car + Trailer again but, can You do something about this? I will be happy of Anything You say but I just want to know what to do in this situation. I'll be check
  11. A few days ago I got banned for 3 months for violating the rules 5 times, but I didn't recall being banned so many times. So I went to my ban history on my profile and I found numerous bans I can't recall recieving, and that don't have any evidence or video attached to them. In order to clear this up, do I make an appeal to my current ban (Which was earned, I did overtake on the CD road), email truckersmp, or use another form of contact
  12. My ban has not been uplifted and it states: Reason: Blocking t00:39:27 - Ban Expires 2016-05-14 14:39:39 / this is GMT (UK) time.
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