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  1. How do I change my tag while I'm banned? The following guide will be able to help you with changing your tag while you're banned. Step 1 - Changing your tag. Starting multiplayer. 1. Start multiplayer like normal. Even when you're banned, you are still able to open the launcher to reach the login screen. Example screenshot: http://prntscr.com/i4590k Finding multiplayer settings. 2. Locate the 'gear' icon in the top left-hand corner of the screen. Clicking this will enable to you open the multiplay
  2. Hello i was banned a few days ago for having a seizure while i was over taking someone, i have seen the video from the Game Moderator, which shows the other user turning into me, how can i get unbanned? I`ve put in a ban appeal but its going no where its like the game moderator doesnt give a Sh*t, they should have better training
  3. Oh nee, je bent verbannen? Volg dan alsjeblieft deze gids om te zien wat je wel en wat je niet kan doen. Stap 1 - Ken je ban Het is belangrijk dat je begrijpt waarvoor je bent verbannen. Vergeet niet om eerst goed alle informatie die je hebt gekregen met je ban, door te nemen. Ga naar je profiel op onze website en bekijk je ban, een voorbeeld kan hieronder gevonden worden. Voorbeeld van een ban. Je kan hier zien wie jou verbannen heeft, waarom je verbannen bent en tot wanneer je verbannen bent. Mede door onze “nieuwe” manier waarop wi
  4. Arkadaşlar sunucular ne zaman resetlenir? Hesabıma girmeye çalıştığımda You are banned from TruckersMp hatası alıyorum fakat forumda birkaç konuda sunucuların resetlenmesi gerektiği söylenmiş.
  5. Hello guys I want to ask why I keep getting this message ? ''You have been banned from TruckersMP network'' and I go offline ? I was banned for 4 days before that problem start coming up ! I am new to TruckersMP so I need sime help ! Thanks !
  6. Suggestion Name: New option to report players Suggestion Description: I'd really appreciate it if it was possible to click on player's name tags while having the tab open and right clicking on the screen to get the yellow mouse. Any example images: - Why should it be added?: This would be really useful to report someone in a high populated area as you can simply click on his name, as the player stands right by your side.
  7. Hi, I have a question regarding connecting American Truck Simulator 2 to TruckersMP. I tried to connect my account to ATS, but it just does not connects. I am thinking that it has to do with an old ban I received on ETS (the ban is over a year old and had a duration of 4 days, also it was my only ban on the tTuckersMP account). Now am I wondering if it is possible to connect ATS to TruckersMP if I received a ban on ETS ? Even if the ban is over a year old? I tried to look this specific question up, but could not find anything about this specific case. Hop
  8. Ban yedim Ama ne kadar yediğimi bilmiyorum normalde bugün 15.41 de açılacaktı bu ne demek yardımcı olabilirmisiniz.
  9. bonjour jetait etait banned jusque aujourdhui 13h56 mais sa me dit toujour banned comment faire
  10. I was wondering how i could appeal a discord ban? I looked around and could find nothing!
  11. Merhaba benim aklımda size önerebileceğim bir fikrim var. Banlı Kişilere Özel Sunucu [Perma yasak Hariç] Banlı Olan kişilere Özel Bir sunucu olucak, Bu sunucuda herkes hayelet modunda olucak. Banlı Olan kisiler girebilecek. [Perma yasaklı kisiler hariç] Burda herşeye izin verilebilecek. [Hakaret, Hile vb. şeyler] Banlı olmayan insanlar, bu sunucuya erişilir. Benim fikrim buydu. saygılarla,
  12. Okay, So i got banned for Excessive save editing as i didnt even edit my truck http://prntscr.com/kjb2ax, So my question is when do admins read ban appeals? DmvBrazy
  13. Hello there, I've been banned from ets2mp for around 2 weeks because we drove like idiots. We did this because we were having fun by ramming each other to see little bugs in the game and server. When we hit (accidentally and on purpose) a random stranger that drove by, he recorded us and reported us on the forum. I agree with his points, but it would be nice to have a server where we can do this stuff. Reporting people by recording it is a little cowardly because you can ramm people, and record them when they hit you back so you only got the moment they hit you. I did things that w
  14. So I was given a ban for 3 days. I knew this wasant right and appealed this ban. The ban was then taken from 3 days to 0 allowing me back on immediately after explaining the situation and the moderator say that. However a ban still shows on my record. Wouldn't that become a kick as there was no punishment time as it was not my fault? Also I can't appeal a second time although I would like to appeal for the ban to be removed as I would like to explain what the moderator put on the comment after the first appeal Finally, a lot of the information about the ban is incorrect even includin
  15. Hey, Sytuacja wygląda następująco: 13 grudnia 2017 został nałożony na mnie ban. Kolejnego dnia weszłam na forum, żeby się od niego odwołać. Był to ban z powodem "wrong way" - admin banujący: @Cardinal Copia. Odwołałam się od bana przed jego wygaśnięciem. >>>Klik tu<<< Sama jestem administratorem na pewnej sieci i wiem doskonale jak to działa. Admin musi mieć dowody czy to w postaci ss'ów czy demka. Brak dowodów = brak bana. Napisałam to również w dziale feedback z myślą, że ktoś to przeczyta. Ten ban powoli przyczynia się do zamknięcia
  16. Guest

    UTC in UTC +1.

    I got banned three days ago.... I will be unbanned at 12:30 UTC. It's 13:42 now. When am I unbanned in UTC time. I have UTC +1.
  17. hello i got banned because i used pilot/police skin but why you will get banned for that if its a posible skin for everone??
  18. Arkadaşlar ben geçen gün çarptığım için ban yemişim. Ban'a itiraz ettim ama adama ne sorsam istediğim yanıtı vermiyor. Benim banım ne zaman kalkar. Kanıt felan istiyor. İlla benim bişey yapmam itiraz etmem mi lazım? Yardımcı olur musunuz?
  19. Türkçe (Turkish) : Merhabalar sayın TruckersMp yönetimi ben banlandım yanlış yol suçuyla 5 gün bu ban bana değilde bana çarpıp benim ters yola düşmeme sebeb olan arkadaşa atılmalıydı kesinlikle burda haklıyım ben yalan yanlış bir videoyla ban yedim bu zoruma gidiyor diğer adam ban yemedi ben düz yolda gidiyordum aniden adam çıktı karsıdan ters yönden bana çarptı takla attım havada ve ters yöne düstüm sonra ilerledim yanlıs yaptımı bende biliyorum ama nereye gideceğimide bilmiyordum hemen ilerde yol vardıı ordan döneyim dedim ve döndüm banlanması gereken ben olmamalıydım lütfen ge
  20. ostatnio zostałem nie słusznie zbanowany reason: wrong way, reckless driving do całej wiadomości został dołączony też filmik, który nawet nie działa a ja nadal nie wiem za co, i dlaczego dostałem bana jeździłem normalnie, nikomu nie przeszkadzałem w rozgrywce nie działający link: https://youtu.be/mb2ltGH1SM0 pozdrawiam
  21. Is such a day because I opened a light car was ban the ban ban is the contents of the car can be deleted but yesterday to appeal to the present have not been back to trouble to deal with it
  22. O homem bateu em mim, e ele poderia ter se desviado. MEU PING ESTAVA EM 198MS VIDEO link abaixo O homen me bateu, sendo que podia ter desviado. MEU PING ESTAVA EM 198MS LINK DO VÍDEO ABAIXO
  23. Buenas noches. Les comento que fui baneado por error hace unos días. Apelé el ban y me lo quitaron. En razon, dice BANBYMYSTAKE o algo asi, que creo que es por error. El tema es que si el ban fue por error, por que me lo dejan en mi perfil? no me gusta que haya quedado eso alli Explicare un poco mejor como fue: Yo iba entrando a una ciudad (en polonia creo, going east) y habia un tipo frenado en el semaforo. Yo queria doblar a la derecha, como el no avanzo, lo rebase luego de tocar bocina y al doblar, el man justo aceleró. Al acelerar, me choca a mi que estaba doblando, y su cam
  24. MalcheO


    Witam, piszę tutaj na forum bo nie wiem co mogło się stać. Dostałem bana w Piątek 5 Maja i Mam go do Dziś do 15:00:00 lecz jest już godzina 16:10 i troszkę się martwię co się dzieje. Proszę o pomoc
  25. I got into ATS MP this afternoon, onto US1, in my pilot car, and I get two kick notices. The First, for my terrible internet, and the second, for being in the stupid car. Why has using the car been made grounds for being kicked? Who screwed up? Seriously? There are only two servers for ATS, And people actually use the thing for what it was intended. I was planning on doing that the day I posted this. I mean, I screw around in it, but I do it at the race track. If we could get a news post stating WHY, I'm pretty sure the community would appreciate it. We could at least have got a warning about
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