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  1. This is a guide which i have created for the players that are experiencing problems with multiplayer. Here you will find all the guides gathered and possible solutions that i have found myself. I can't guarantee it will help every single one of you but i hope it will help you solve some of the problems. Contents Fatal Error Net Framework Error Core_ets2mp.dll Error System.OutOfMemory.Exception Cannot Create Game Process Steam Error D3DCompiler_47.dll Data2.mp/Scoda Error Microphone Not Working Invalid Email or Password Steam Privacy Api-ms-win-crt-convert-l1-1-0.dll error Other Various Problems (Improper tractor type, White SCS logo, The game is crashing at the profiles screen after SDK detected, The game is crashing with steering wheel, If you run the launcher and nothing happens, Logitech issues, Permission problems) HRESULT: 0x80072EE4 Exception from HResult: 0x80070005 RPC-Server: 0x800706BA System.Net.Sockets.Socket.Exception Download Loop The filename directory name Login Timeout Authentication error 0x80092012/api.truckersmp.com port 443 Server Connection issue Unreliable Connection issue Various performance steps CPU Unpark Bluescreen/Ram Test How to install ETS2/ATS 64-bit Latest Launcher HDD/SSD Health How to opt-out beta versions How to link ETS2/ATS & DLC solution How to enable console How to share this topic Other Languages Credits Changelog _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Game Crashed - Fatal Error Solution: If you get this error you could try the below guide also make sure you have the latest .Net Framework (4.7) or later, DirectX and Microsoft Visual C++ 2015. Make sure you check this guide as well and don't forget to verify your game files! General Crashes and errors that you may experience with the launcher or the game try CCleaner to remove temporary files and obsolete registry paths. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ .Net Framework Error Solution: If you get this error message try to install .Net Framework (4.7) or later or try to repair it. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Core_ets2mp.dll Error Solution: If core_ets2mp.dll is not working for whatever reason you can get the above error. Usually it appears when you try to update the multiplayer launcher with the game open. First, check if ETS2 process is running. If so, end it and try again. If this doesn't help delete core_ets2mp.dll, re-open launcher and re-download file. Path: C:\ProgramData\TruckersMP ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ System.OutOfMemoryException Solution: Go to "This PC" and copy/paste this path C:\Users\%USERNAME%\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\WebCache & C:\Windows\Temp\WebCache (if available). Delete all files from both folders. Launch the launcher and try again. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Cannot create game process Solution: Make sure you have selected the correct installation path for the game. ex: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Euro Truck Simulator 2 OR Right click TruckersMP Launcher Properties Compatibility Check "Run this program as administrator" ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Steam Error Solution: Run Steam as Administrator ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ D3DCompiler_47.dll missing Solution: https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/help/4019990/update-for-the-d3dcompiler-47-dll-component-on-windows All compilers available for download in case you are missing one. Installation path C:\Windows\System32 ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Data2.mp/Scoda_car.mp error Solution: Run TruckersMP launcher as Administrator If the above doesn't work for you, press WIN+R keys and type %programdata% then delete TruckersMP folder ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Microphone not working in game Solution: Check if your microphone has permissions both to access the device and applications. Press WIN+R and type ms-settings:privacy-microphone. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Invalid email or password Solutions: You are using wrong email or password so try to reset your password from here. Delete the \win_x64 folder from C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Euro Truck Simulator 2\bin\, verify the integrity of game files from Steam and try again. You are using the correct email and password but it still doesn't let you to log in. Make sure you are using the correct Steam account. Family share is not working and each TruckersMP account is linked with a unique Steam account when you register. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Steam Privacy Solution: Log into your Steam account by the following link https://steamcommunity.com/id/any/edit/settings and make sure your privacy settings are set to public. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Api-ms-win-crt-convert-l1-1-0.dll error Solution: Download this file and paste it into C:\Windows\System32\downlevel You will get a warning about the file because it's .dll but it's fine. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Other various problems Improper tractor type Solution: Don't pick caravans with a truck or truck trailers with car. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ White SCS logo If you get white SCS logo at startup you are running the game with OpenGL. Solution: Close the game and start single player with DirectX then run multiplayer. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ The game is crashing at the profiles screen after SDK detected notices Solution: Delete the files from ...steamapps\common\Euro Truck Simulator 2\bin\win_x64\ ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ The game is crashing with steering wheel Solution: Start the game in single player and disable force feedback. Start multiplayer after. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ If you run the launcher and nothing happens Solution: If you use MSI Afterburner and RivaTuner Statistics Server, make sure to update the RivaTuner Statistics Server to beta version 7.0.0 Beta 19 or later. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Logitech issues Solution: Make sure all devices are connected and you are running the latest software version. Open Logitech Gaming Software and select the 'Default' profile. Launch the game of your choice in single player, select your profile and go to options. After go to controls and select your device. It should look like this. Click on Keys & Buttons then map your preferred keys and buttons to the functions as described. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Permission problems Solution: Try this registry tool which give you ownership option like the above, delete the folder after. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ HRESULT: 0x80072EE4 Solution: Make sure you have the latest .Net Framework Clean your temp files with CCleaner Check your temp files path and make sure it's located at C:\Users\name\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\INetCache If you don't have "INetCache" folder make a new folder and name it "temp" and then open the Windows temp settings and choose the new path by clicking on Move folder... If the above steps didn't work for you, open Command Prompt as admin and type net user Administrator /active:yes .This will activate the built-in Administrator account. Log out your account and log in the Administrator account. Open TruckersMP launcher and install the updates. Try to launch the game and see it if works. Log out again and log back in with your normal account. If you still have the same error you can keep playing from the Administrator account as a temporary solution. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Exception from HResult: 0x80070005 Solution: Click Start, Run Type dcomcnfg and hit enter Expand Component Services, My Computer, DCOM Config Right click Windows Management and Instrumentation and click Properties Click on the Security tab Under Access Permissions, select Customize and click Edit Add the account that you wish to grant access to WMI Restart PC ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ RPC-Server HResult: 0x800706BA Solution: Make sure both services are running and your Windows Firewall is not blocking TruckersMP launcher. More details. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ System.Net.Sockets.Socket.Exception error Solution: The launcher cannot connect with the TruckersMP server to download the updates. Restart your router and stop any other updates that may use all your bandwidth. Also make sure your Firewall/Antivirus is not blocking the launcher. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Download Loop Solution: Download Ultrasurf / Windscribe. Run Ultrasurf / Windscribe. Open TruckersMP in Administrator Mode. Install the available updates (only the first run with Ultrasurf), wait for it to finish and Launch button appears. Exit Ultrasurf. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ The filename directory name. Solution: Copy the setup "Install TruckersMP" into C:\ and try to run it again. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Timeout Solution: Update/finish Windows Updates. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Authentication error 0x80092012/api.truckersmp.com port 443 Solution: Open CMD as administrator then run the below commands, restart your PC after running the commands. ipconfig /flushdns nbtstat –r netsh int ip reset netsh winsock reset If the above commands don't work make sure you don't have any antivirus which might block the connection such as Kaspersky. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Server Connection issues Solution 1: Start by restarting your router. If this doesn't help make sure you have all other connected devices to your network disconnected and try to play with Ethernet cable if you are over Wi-Fi. If you keep having connection problems try to open the specific ports: 42860, 49200, 42890 preferably into your router settings. Also set Google DNS: | or Cloudflare DNS: | Make sure Windows Firewall is not blocking the connection. Start by opening Windows Firewall and Restore defaults. Solution 2: If none of these work you could try to clear your Hosts file, enable DHCP, Flush DNS Cache, Clear ARP/Route Table with the tool that is provided below. Solution 3: If by any chance you use Killer Network Manager which is usually used by the MSI motherboards or GameFirst IV by Asus motherboards. Try the following: Give max priority(1) to Euro Truck Simulator 2 & TruckersMP Launcher in Killer Network Manager or try to disable/uninstall the application. If you have an Asus motherboard try to uninstall GameFirst IV because no matter what priority you might give, it won't allow you to connect to the server for some reason. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Unreliable Connection issue First of all, this is not a bug or an issue with the mod. This is a user side problem which has to do with the internet connection issues such as packet loss, packet corruption or bad network bandwidth. This is a feature that was added to avoid collision crashes due to internet connection lag and avoid people getting banned as it looked like they had NCZ hack but in fact they had bad connection with the server. One way to monitor your connection issue is by typing into console g_developer 16. In order to remove it put it back to g_developer 1. The above command will bring the below panel which will show information about your internet connection. The ones which you are mostly interested is Packetloss last second and Packetloss total. The optimal is always having 0 but if you see that those values are rising then you should worry for not having a stable connection. Possible Solutions: There isn't any specific fix which will fix the problem instantly, but there are couple common fixes which could help avoid getting kicked. Avoid using Wi-Fi. Avoid uploading or downloading and playing MP at the same time. Avoid doing Windows Updates at the same time. Avoid having too many users or devices at the same time into your network. Avoid using streaming services at the same time. Check your firewall settings into your router/switch. Prefer using servers nearest to your location. Try to talk with your ISP (Internet Service Provider) and see if you can come up with a solution. Ask your ISP if they support internet profiles such as "FastPath" or "Interleave" and ask for Interleave. Interleave will raise your ping but it will do more packet checks by your ISP. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ 4.1 Various perfomance steps Always install the latest GPU drivers. Before you install the new drivers remove the old ones with Display Driver Unistaller (DDU). If you are on a desktop download the drivers from AMD or Nvidia. If you are using a laptop you should download the drivers from the manufacturer! If your game is freezing when you try to teleport you should wait from 5 minutes up to 30 minutes this happens only once, after you teleport the next time you will load instantly. Disabling Season Effects and Winter Mod may help gain some FPS. Disabling Cabin Accessories and Flags may also help for low end PCs. Installing the game into a SSD helps with game loading and auto-save freeze. Keep trucks and drivers to the minimum, the more drivers and trucks you have the more lag will cause you when the game auto-saves or when you teleport. It also helps saving quicker when you use PrtScn (quick save). A max amount of 15 drivers in 3 garages is recommended. Other garages can be bought but do not assign any AI drivers to them. Changing your save format for the purposes of save editing will cause auto-save lag issues on large profiles and slower systems. To remedy this, changing the `g_save_format` value to the default of 0 will drastically reduce your profile's auto-save time. Though with the default save format, you cannot make modifications to your save file, such as adding customs jobs using Virtual Speditor. Always but always make sure you run the game on DirectX and not OpenGL. Running the game on OpenGL will cut your FPS to half or even cause you game crash. If you are not sure if you run MP in DirectX run the game once in SP by Choosing "Launch ETS2 DirectX (64-bit)". ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ 4.2 CPU Unpark ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ 4.3 Bluescreen/Ram Test ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ 5.1. How to install ETS2/ATS ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ 5.2 64-bit ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ 5.3 Latest Launcher ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ 5.4 HDD/SSD Health ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ 5.5 How to opt-out beta versions ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ 5.6 How to link ETS2/ATS & DLC solution ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ 5.7 How to enable console ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ 5.8 How to share this topic _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Other Languages --->If you want to translate this guide to your language feel free, but copy/paste and Google translate work will not be tolerated. Also make sure you add the original post into your translated guide<--- French - German - Greek - Portuguese - Polish - Slovak - Spanish - Turkish _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ If you want to do any changes to the guide you will have to ask me first before doing anything or i will have to edit it myself. _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Credits: I want to thank these people and some others for posting the guides and also for giving me instructions and some ideas. @mwl4 @HumaneWolf @fyzz08 @[???????] ResTed @Kat_pw @gwait @[ST-E] T.Rucker @[TSRVTC]MrHarv98 @Gonzalox