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Found 10 results

  1. Hi everyone, i have a lot of issues with my game, I can't play in multiplayer for a long time, when I do a quick f7, the game crashe (the game closes) and also when it autosaves it crash as well. I've been trying a lot of solutions; -reinstall the game -reinstall the mp -try the economy_reset -try to delete all my drivers and garages -create a new profiles -change my graphic setting to low -update my gtx drivers -update my windows 10 -uninstall all the mods -verify game cash -turn the game in 64 bits... etc No one of these worked.. I hope that someone can help, I can't play the game for now several months unfortunaterly. Also I send my crash log if it can helps last_crash.log
  2. Since there is no way for me to save myself from bad drivers and trolls and hackers I use the autosave feature. My (A) key on my controller is mapped to autosave so I save every 30 seconds or so. I've seen it so many times, Someone loads in and even though they spawn in ghost mode, whoever the unlucky person that was currently inside said truck gets flinged off into the sun. It's happened to me on both sides, and iv'e had someone tell me that i'm recorded and banned for a glitch in the game. Can I really get banned for something out of my control? I would use the no damage mod but well that's banned so... Also as you know, when ghost mode turns off whoever is still inside you is in ghost mode...sometimes. Sometimes they fly into space also. Please fix this, I don't want people getting banned for a glitch in the game they had no control over.
  3. Hola camioneros, Aquí les vengo a proporcionar una solución para solventar esos lagazos repentinos que a la mayoría les ocurre en el juego al producirse un autoguardado y que desgraciadamente por ahora no se puede desactivar completamente, pero que por lo menos tiene una solución sencilla. (Se puede hacer desde la modificación del archivo "config.cfg" dentro de la carpeta Euro Truck Simulator 2 y American Truck Simulator que está dentro de la carpeta documentos del sistema de windows, pero que a mi parecer esto que pondré a continuación es más sencillo de hacer y valen lo mismo para ETS2 y ATS) - Deberás tener activada la consola en el juego, que se activa pulsando la tecla que está justo al inicio de la fila numérica del teclado y que al pulsarla te escribe esto: º - Una vez abierta la consola, deberás escribir tal cuál pondré aquí: g_save_format 0 - A continuación pulsar la tecla enter y listo, ya estará aplicado (para poner en la consola la barra baja "_" hay que pulsar a la vez la tecla "shift + ?" ) Por defecto viene con un 2 en vez de un 0, esto lo que hace al estar en el 2 y provocar ese lag al hacer el autoguardado es que recopila en el guardado un montón, o toda mejor dicho, de información que puede ser utilizado después para hacer ediciones de save edit y demás. PD: Si se quiere hacer guardados rápidos para hacer save edit, hay que poner en la consola antes de hacer el guardado lo mismo que anteriormente pero en vez de 0 un 2 (g_save_format 2) si no, no podrás abrir el guardado para editarlo. Y una vez hecho cualquier cambio de save edit volver a abrir la consola y poner de nuevo g_save_format 0 para así evitar de nuevo los lagazos que hace el autoguardado. Espero que ayude a más de uno que como a mi me tenía muy harto ese lag y provocaba accidentes en el multijugador de ETS2 y ATS. ¡¡Un saludo camioneros virtuales!! ^^
  4. Guest


    Is it possible that automatic storage in the game turns off?
  5. Hi. I have a simple problem. I cannot create a save in multiplayer, nor to overwrite an existing one. I created a save in single player, then when I tried to save the game in multiplayer it freezes for a couple of seconds, and nothing happens. I did not have this problem before, the save worked perfectly.
  6. CZ Ahojte, mám problém s jedním profilem a nechci ho rušit. Je způsobeném tím, že v save is ukládá informace, které zaměžtují mezipamět v PC, které já malá a ono vyteče. aktualně hledám, jak snižit peníze o dost miliard. Důvodem bylol, že jsem chtěl začít používat truckbook a ot tédoby jsem měl problemy PS: moji přátele jsou rozveselený s důvodu, co já říkám "Je čas na lag. Prosím odstup" EN Good day, I have problem 1 profim and I not like delete. Problem is about autosave due to save a lot of info, which I not need which make problem with very smol memory in PC. Now I test delete monay in miliard (as wasting) Why problem? I start use trucbook adn since instal have problem PS: my frend is so happy due to me and whot I talk "It is times for lag. Please place for lag" S pozdravem greatting onino
  7. Nazwa Sugestii: Włączenie "Ghost Mode" podczas wykonywania autosave Opis Sugestii: Gdy gra zaczyna robić autosave z automatu odpalił by się ghost mode. Przykładowe obrazki: Nie posiadam. Dlaczego twoja sugestia a nie inna?: W moim przypadku jest tak, mam 200+ kierowców. Przez co auto zapis na dysku HDD trwa ok 1-3 sekundy. Przez ten czas gdy moja ciężarówka jest "zamrożona" nie raz stworzyłem niebezpieczną sytuacje lub kolizje na drodze. W szczególności autostrady. W ETS2 nie ma opcji wyłączenia autosave i żadnym sposobem aktualnie nie ma możliwości wyłączenia go. Więc opcja ghost mode na czas zapisu gry była by czymś co zmniejszyła by kolizje na drodze o znaczący procent. Mam nadzieję, że moja sugestia będzie pozytywnie rozpatrzona, Pozdrawiam!
  8. Hy! I'm curious that anyone found a solution for that the autosave freeze the game... I mean under that my game when autosave happens it freeze the whole game for like 3-5 seconds and I can't do anything under that, I stop for others like if i tab out of the game and that can cause that I make them crash into me, it happens in SP, MP, everywhere even in ATS too and i still haven't figured out what can fix it, and I can only find more than 1 year old posts but looked around in the whole Help section, General and Off-topic discussion on ETS2-ATS games but nothing solved my problem.... yet What I tried: Lower the settings as low as possible - didn't work I heard and seen that you have to rewrite some kind of def\editor_data.sii and in it the "autosave_internal" to 0 - didn't work because the game still autosave like nothing changed - didn't work I have Win 10 so i tried with compatibility mode - didn't work I even set up a Virtual Machine for it with Win 7 - Well there the freeze got reduced a bit, like back to 2-3 seconds I tried with admin rights - didn't work Disabled and removed all the mods what I had (Also i don't use the same profile for MP and SP) - didn't work Tried reinstalling the whole game maybe an old mod break it - didn't work Tried reinstalling TMP (because why not) - didn't work Not sure it had anything related to my router but i reset it - didn't work Tried installing on a different drive maybe something wrong with my hard drive - didn't work Tried to free up some space on my hard drive maybe it's because of the lack of space - didn't work Check that I have the latest drivers - I had but didn't changed anything Downloaded older drivers - didn't work So now I ran out of ideas and not really know what other things can be the solution Best regards
  9. HI, I've a pretty strong PC with Nvidea GTX 1070 and i7 Processor, 16 GB RAM. Also, the game saves are done on a 512 GB SSD. However, while playing multiplayer(have not tried on SP mode yet), whenever the game triggers an auto save, the game freezes for some 5 seconds. I did *not* have this problem earlier and it has started only after recent ETS2/MP update. Any idea how to solve this? I'm not confident enough to play this game on MP servers now, bcoz I never know when an auto save will be triggered and my game will freeze for 5 secs. Any help is appreciated!! Thanks!
  10. Guest

    How to disable autosave?

    How to disable autosave? If game autosaving i'm freezing ~1, 2 seconds.
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