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  1. Hello ; Whose interest will want to look for, who also fell victim to the curiosity will find themselves in this type of "ordinary articles" Welcome to spell outside the circle. In this article myself "First Step programming" as I'll talk about the issue and I hope that I call simply more sympathetic to the preparation of an article from the article structure bore you as differences in doing so. All you do is sit back, grab your coffee or tea in my article is to enjoy! ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Possible Problems After this article you'll encounter! <- Projects to be standing back problem is simple or challenging your mind! <- Easily cast as programming logic problems to involuntary daily events in your life! <- To understand the logic and order problem in the code! <- Learned new information previously learned information of the conflict problem! <- Learning to read and learn more and more information to recognize and exhaustion problem! <- ... Are you ready to take them all? ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ First, if; Care and are aware of the importance of the programming branch, The need for programming skills and if you believe in yourself, have the tenacity, Programming also feel the need to learn more languages and you devote your time / If you separate, If you are forced to give up in the first place in your projects, If your project or postpone the indefinite future development, you can be a programmer. Is it to do know? Programming knowledge is not skill. Knowledge, skills and habits of the desire to create the intersection. Information, Madiran theoretical paradigm; "Better to be done ?, you should use a viable project code directory Which ?, you?" The answer to the question. Skill, 'How can I apply these techniques and logic?' The answer to the question. Desire is the impulse that "no request" can be expressed by words. If you want to be a good programmer, you must have these three. Bill Gates '21. century era of information collection will not use the information age, "he says. However, before you can use the knowledge you need to have it. The first step to taking steps that your program is another important point you have to realize that it is precious. So leave only limited by your research such articles. Day after day, all kinds of seminars on these subjects can be arranged. Do you participate in these seminars allow you to develop your skills and make you a better choice. In fact, we plan a group that includes the seminar concept; Information saving training (conferences, seminars etc. short-term.) Developing skills training (courses, internships, etc.). The first of these programs, it is conscious. The latter converts the information skills. In this connection the significance of these two was quite large. Your second point, especially in terms of development and in the forefront of your life. I understood the importance of this point, as I think you will have a better difference. For example, you can read manuals and books on a bike ride, but this information is not enough to ride a bike for the first time. You can also read a lot of books about basketball the same way. But this information is not ustalaştır you put the ball in the basket. A lot of books are also read in the same way programming can be purchased, you can watch videos. But after pouring them into action rather than information delusion not even mind the next day. Especially in our society we do not show enough effort put into action what we know about many of us. But the real power is, not in the action information. Now, let's move on to our topic: Which programming language should I start? Where to programming languages; How do I start? What are the benefits of programming languages? I would like to answer these 3 questions for this article, I ask you in general. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Which programming language should I start from? The correct answer to this question you need to make some choices before you call. For example; "The section you can choose what you benefits such as? May provide different, what in your life? How can I direct your future professional life?" I would ask you to ask yourself this question and answer. You get the programming you can also find the resulting answer. First Programming we reflect the whole face; Mechanical, Electronic, OS-based and Web-based programming can be listed in the form. This area contains numerous languages among themselves. Some of these areas also creates current and future technology; In today whether some services to users, offers an easier way of our daily lives. Think you can target based on professional orientation in these areas. Or as your priority pass for another field after starting from a completely dominate the field. This allows you to sign on to a higher point in your career. I'm guessing that not one of you interested in the mechanical and electronic fields. Already we open these branches will be much more space. Based Operating System (ISTP), and the Web-Based Programming (WTP) Let us continue. Operating System-Oriented Programming Java Delphi Phyto C and C ++ languages Visual Basic 6 and .NET languages Microsoft C # .NET Of course, the operating system-based programming (ISTP), we just can not confine these languages. There are many languages revealed primarily properties significantly. The first 4 languages on the above list are today's most effective ISTP language. If the C family, especially between one and browsing to Java, it will see that these two languages are very similar; sequences, syntax, etc. Based Operating System When it comes to issues such as what you might benefit programming; today and tomorrow's key electronics and mechanics with hidden OS-based programming. For example; artificial intelligence core software, commercial, industrial, use operating system-based programming in areas such as military industry. These areas are divided into a plurality of sections from within. It also means that you have mastered the use istp'y effectively; whether it is something airborne like you want private companies to government agencies. Web Based Programming HTML PHP CSS ASP Java / JavaScript VBScript, J #, JS ASP.NET Some of managing some today and we came in the programming area, as I mentioned earlier today, allows us to live as luxuriously in our daily experience. Web Based Programming (WTP) is a branch plays an active role in our daily lives. "For example yemeksepeti.co a web page predominate in the area found. Turns out, however, annual earnings over $ 500 billion. Among you that will make the idea has a lot of people. But inevitably you fail. Because the food basket have taken to secure the seat in the area of the case. Another example is the same It can also be administered as Sahibinden.co. " *! Where to programming languages; How do I start? The first time I laid programming was 13 years old. So I would not say I'm doing research. You are now in "a sure way to give your decision," says I regret is that time and experience. Enter a young brother to work with us, I heveslenerek programming. I started directly with Visual Basic 6.0. He was an old language at the time. But I realized it much later. I tried to learn a lot of books purchased in this process. Over time projects grow codes began to grow. On a more practical family or a .NET language such as C family line of processing 2.3 splattered with many more lines in VB 6.0. Also disgrace to the practicality of the code. After a while now began to fulfill my project. I no longer VB 6.0 and so I entered into a research goodbye to my 2-year adventure. Both of the aspects that appeal to me because I have family and professional goals .NET youngest member of the family of C # with C met. Research into making this work means a great loss as you can see. If you choose not receiving them after a period of serious damage to a random area you'll see a variety of reasons. If you want to develop a software or web application you must adopt one of the languages I mentioned above. Our friends who did not realize the seriousness of the work between you, "I learned a little bit at first, then the following language expected from the other is okay." He gets an idea like. Another language, I may wish to embark on a judge without disaster. That's why you should make the best choice of language. Select your language from other languages separating the salient features and aspects of convenience is important. Some developers do not know why, but I saw that they started with Cobol genius. What is important is to know when and how you should use; And Object Oriented Programming is that the ability to master the methodology of programming languages. After that, C ++, C # or Java programming language, you will see is very similar to each other. They are similar in language, but the technologies used and creates the difference. You need to do as a developer; language is to master the technology to use with languages after learning. For example; When you learn C #, is Windows Desktop program, is programming a Windows Phone, or do you want more than to dominate all Web programming, you must find it. I'm sure you will be very easy to adapt to this technology. If you are a student, it is usually proportional to the work done by companies that enter the first job. Then you can change your field of expertise. What are the Benefits of Programming Languages? Programming allows you to be always a step ahead in your life. Your career to be an expert on a variety of languages can make an enormous difference. You can even change your life from top to bottom. It also teaches programming languages to think first and foremost a human being. During programming logic to establish a functional point of view, things like empathy at all times to move to the top level you set up your thinking skills and imagination. For that reason, even if not on the computer can deal with your future career in your spare time programming. You no longer a hobby in the future when your brain in taxes the very first time; It will be a source of entertainment. In fact, some people do just to soothe the nerves to collect and pay attention to it. It can be explained as a key influence on the thinking of short programming languages. Thought you improve your ability opens the way to more practical strategic mind. The Apple co-founder Steve Jobs has promised, saying a place I want to end my article: "This country needs to learn programming of every human being. Because teaches people to think." When it comes to talk about the damage it does not hurt anyone's programming; other than benefit. Article I put my point here. I can open my previous article of the proposal as much as you and I try to support their comments. You may also wish to add comment at the bottom of the subject matter. Please note that the enrichment of the support you in this article; This road will be a light for our new readers. See you again.
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