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  1. You have probably heard about ProMods Canada So I have a question: What do you think about it? Would you like to play on it when it would be released?
  2. Witam, Posiada któs wiedzę jak skopiować profil ets2 ? Tak,aby wszystko pozostało tylko zmieniła się nazwa profilu i żebym miał dwa profile
  3. Suggestion Name: Ranking system Suggestion Description: An automatic ranking system witch is based on in game hours and TruckersMP punishments and witch atomatically adds ranks witch gives you the ability to, for example: drive a car or the ability to use specific paint jobs or chassis and trailer types. A system with for example the ranks: rookie, beginner, experienced, no damage, professional, expert, admin, Any example images: See attached file Why should it be added?: A better organised game
  4. I propose that the map be as complete as it is on the promod on the promood server is available the whole map but on the other I do not think we could populate the servers more if they had all access to the full map!
  5. Whenever I go to play either American Truck Sim or Euro Truck Sim 2 the game starts but then freezes halfway through showing the SCS logo when you first open the game. However I can still hear the sound of the game music and if I manage to click something with the mouse despite only being able to see the frozen SCS logo. I have tried restarting steam and validating the game files but it does not work.
  6. Hello. I have a problem with American Truck Simulator. the game version does not match my version. What I could do was not help: -ATS reinstallation, Truckersmp reinstallation, Returning and resuming versions, uninstalling and installing the game
  7. Aggiornato ad Aprile 2020 Ciao a tutti ragazzi, sto cercando persone che vogliano giocare insieme su euro truck, american truck, e tanti altri giochi simulativi come spintires, minecraft, farming, ecc. Cerchiamo persone serie che evitino di farsi bannare sul multiplayer o che commettano continue sciocchezze. Giochiamo e ci divertiamo in modo normale, ovviamente dovete rispettare le regole del multiplayer e del Discord. Organiziamo convogli quasi ogni giorno, anche fino a 3 convogli al giorno e minimo 1 ogni 2 giorni. Discord: https://discord.gg/Ja
  8. Suggestion Name: Servers for American Truck Simulator should have AI Traffic testing. Suggestion Description: The servers for American Truck Simulator should have a low amount of AI traffic enabled for temporary testing to see how it goes with the server being able to handle it. Any example images: None Why should it be added?: Due to the servers being so empty, so are the roads, which is quite boring, some people prefer multiplayer over singleplayer. but don't want the roads to be as empty as they are now.
  9. Before writing this post I searched and tried what other people have posted and answered within the solved section and none have worked. I have uninstalled and have deleted every TruckersMP folder and .exe and then reinstalled with the latest download 4 times and still no luck. My profile here has also acknowledged that I have the game, DLC's and I have over 2 hours in-game.
  10. hello I have a problem with my steering wheel and it is that in the game it is not centered and mm is a bit annoying when I take some curves ... does anyone know how to centralize the steering wheel? the steering wheel has 270 ° of rotation, and is a dynacom steering wheel
  11. WASYL94 kamera222 TheArczi Witajcie! ETG VTC otwiera rekrutację! EUROPEAN TRANSPORT GROUP - to wirtualna Firma Transportowa, której jestem głównym pomysłodawcą i założycielem, a zarazem głównym prowadzącym. Nasza Firma powstała 12 czerwca 2014-tego roku, z myślą o zebraniu najlepszych kierowców z Europy, abyśmy mogli realizować usługi transportowo-logistyczne dla naszych Klientów na najwyższym poziomie. Centrala naszej Firmy znajduje się we Wrocławiu. Posiadamy także oddział w Elko. Każda nasza Filia znajduje się w centrach logistycznych,
  12. Hi, I have a question regarding connecting American Truck Simulator 2 to TruckersMP. I tried to connect my account to ATS, but it just does not connects. I am thinking that it has to do with an old ban I received on ETS (the ban is over a year old and had a duration of 4 days, also it was my only ban on the tTuckersMP account). Now am I wondering if it is possible to connect ATS to TruckersMP if I received a ban on ETS ? Even if the ban is over a year old? I tried to look this specific question up, but could not find anything about this specific case. Hop
  13. Bonjour à tous, La version actuelle d'Euro Truck Simulator 2 est la 1.35, tandis que TruckersMP fonctionne avec la 1.34. J'ai vu que TruckersMP suit d'assez près les versions d'ETS2 et D'ATS, avec eput-être un poil de retard. Et je sais à quel point c'est embêtant de passer d'une version du jeu à une autre (via Steam il faut retélécharger les fichiers diférants des 2 mises à jour, soit 1,5GB dans mon cas). Je me demandais donc si on pouvait répondre à ce problème, soit : Est-ce qu'on peut avoir 2 versions du jeu différentes sur notre PC (je précise bien que je lance le jeu
  14. Is there a time line on when the mp update for ats will be out to play washington and any thing else from 1.35?
  15. Hello! I'm very new here in this Forum and in the game as well. So sorry if this question is already answered. I have a G29 Wheel and the H.Shifter for it, and of course the pedals. I bought american truck simulator. Can you give me an advise of du konfigure the Buttons? I bought the game over steam. Steam recognizes the Wheel, but the up and down buttons and the twist-regulator and the button there inside i can't referre there on steam (only information for you) Some times these Buttons don't work in the game, so i don`t use them un
  17. Husky Trasporti è un progetto che il fondatore Siberian Husky porta avanti da ben 3 anni. In questo periodo abbiamo sempre lavorato di nascosto. I player ci chiedevano e ci domandavano, ma l'unica cosa che potevamo dirgli era "Presto saprete", restevamo molto vaghi. un giorno, precisamente il 5 giugno del 2018, ci siamo decisi e insieme ad amici abbiamo deciso, dopo ben 3 anni di preparazione, di fondare la Husky Trasporti. Eravamo solo in 10, ma pia piano, grazie anche ad altre VTC siamo cresciuti. Ora la nostra ditta conta 17 autisti, e il nostro server discord arriva a 63 utenti tra autisti
  18. When I try to join ATS mp “Connection refused. You are not owner of some DLC you use.” Appears. This has never happened before until today. (5/11/18) I’ve downgraded my game to match the TMP supported version. I don’t own any ATS DLC, my Steam profile is public, TMP recognises the game and I’ve tested it with unticking all free DLC they’ve added over the years but still no luck. Any ideas? Or Is this related to the new Volvo Truck update and I’m gunna have to wait? Any help appreciated..
  19. Guest

    Vinculacion de juego

    Tengo problemas al vincular mi juego ya que he esperado el tiempo suficiente cuando me pide y no consigo vincular mi juego a TruckersMP Presiso respuesta urgente por favoor administracion
  20. Ciao a tutti ragazzi, sto cercando persone 16+ anni che vogliano giocare insieme su euro truck, american truck, e tanti altri giochi simulativi come spintires, minecraft, farming, ecc. Possiedo un Discord: https://discord.gg/JaXggy2 Gruppo Telegram: http://t.me/italiasimulatorts3 oppure cerca su telegram: @italiasimulatorts3 Vi aspetto su ts
  21. Merhaba. ETS 2 oyunun aldığım ekran görüntülerini sizlerle paylaşmak istedim. Haftalık olarak ekran görüntülerimi yükleyeceğim. Beni takip etmeniz beni mutlu edecektir.
  22. Dear community I have bought 3 hours ago American Truck Simulator and I've also updated my multiplayer for it, But I'm getting this message everytime https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198119298561/screenshots/ But I have already done this part So I don't understand why I'm still getting this messages
  23. I tried running the game as administrator but it refused to work. And before I tried running it as administrator, I tried launching it normally, no luck.
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