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Found 7 results

  1. Suggestion Name: Adding ProMods Cabin Accessories Pack Suggestion Description: Adding the ProMods Cabin Accessories Pack into TruckersMP. Also This Pack includes: Mugs with more than 60 different country flags ProMods mug. 60 Diffrent pennants, big and small with country flags a few ProMods pennants and some mini scarfs a Promods-themed curtain and three ProMods-themed dices. Any example images: Preview from ProMods Cabin Accesories Pack from inside the game: Why should it be added?: Whou
  2. Доброго времени суток. Наверное уже многие в курсе об ивенте от Worl of Trucks. Собственно в этом то и проблема. Отвезла 12 подарков. Забрала награду в личном кабинете на Worl of Trucks. Возвращаюсь в игру. На радостях ставлю новую красу... Выхожу из СТО, а там это... (смотрите скрин) Надеюсь исправят в ближайшее время. Ну и остальным игрокам предлагаю, пока что, воздержаться от установки новой краски, полученной по ивенту.
  3. I have just logged in and see that i am being kicked because i have "Invalid accessory set detected" [Nettrailer]. I dont know what that is, but can see on google that it have something to do with Schwarzmuller DLC...but, i dont have that DLC. Never bought it. What do i do now? [could not find the right forum to put this in, therefore here...
  4. I have driven with the trains before. Why am I being kicked for it. It's straight from single player to MP. Nothing was edited
  5. Hi, I want to make good looking XMAS truck. I have buyed DLC "Christmas Paint Job" and I started making my truck. I put chroma lights (I dont know if I wrote it well, it's about those lights on the bottom side) Kick ss: https://imgur.com/a/8WMIC Truck ss: https://imgur.com/a/RkAlJ & https://imgur.com/a/EbS8f Why its kicking me? Because I have too many of these lights from the side down? My general DLC: Cabin Accessories(I have accessories installed in truck), Christmas Paint Jobs, Going East, Metallic Paint Jobs, Wheel Tuning Pack Best wishes and hap
  6. You were kicked from the game. Reason invalid accessory set detected Prohibited accessory in use (Net Trailer) What is that ?) my english bad) im dont use any mod, only ETS2 license dlc.
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