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  1. Hello truckers! What do you think about players who are constantly traveling at 110 km/h on C-D road? I think that at some points on the road C-D, players should understand that they have to slow down for example near curves that can be dangerous at 110 km/h. What do you think? Thanks for answers.
  2. Hello. Do you usually drive with or without cruise control? What speed do you use usually?
  3. Hello. What would be the fastest truck in the game in your opinion?
  4. Hello! I have a suggestion regarding the KM/H display function. Suggestion Name: Display for km/h speed from other players Suggestion Description: That the function should also exist for normal players / Patreons. It would actually be useful for many players. It just simply displays the others speed. Why should it be added?: In fact, this would be good to solve many problem cases, especially on the well-known Duisburg - Calais road. After rule §2.5 was modified ("preventing other users from overtaking, for example speeding up"...) or simply against speed hackers. The function already exists, but only for game moderators and higher staffs. Adding this option would of course be such that you can turn it on/off in the TAB game settings, (same as showing the other player's PING feature). It can be activated by yourself. It would also, as mentioned above, make web-reporting easier, and better to punish players who break the rules. Any example images: Thank you for reading. I hope it will be added soon. Kind regrads, 'Lσиgø
  5. Hello, What do you think should be the right speed limit to use in the game? specify the reason of your answer. Thanks, bye.
  6. Играл играл, зашел и понять не могу почему 90 еду. зашел в настройки (думал галочка слетела) и вот было удивление когда я увидел что галочку не снять/поставить не могу. Не в мультиплеере не в онлайне. Что может быть?
  7. Cruise control is a system that automatically controls the speed of a motor vehicle. I want to tell about somethings how to use this system in ETS 2. 1. Cruise Control Key Settings Firstly we must set the cruise control keys in game settings. For this, stop your truck, press ESC key and open the menu screen. And click options on bottom panel. Now click "Keys & Buttons" button. Find starting with "Cruise Control" and set them primary keys what you want. __________________________________ 2. Using Cruise Control Using cruise control is simple and really comfortable. When you on road press the gas and when the speed you want came press your Cruise Control key. In this example when I'm going in 43 km/h I pressed the Cruise Control Button and my truck engine will try save this speed and I don't need press gas or brake except for emergency. If you press gas or brake on cruise control will cancel. So if you don't want canceling you can use Cruise Control Increase(for Speed Up). In this example when I'm going in 43 km/h I pressed the Cruise Control Increase Button it will changed my speed 45 km/h now when I press this button it will be increase+5 km/h speed. You can change this +1 km/h or +2 km/h increase for every press. Check section 3 in guide. And you can use Cruise Control Decrease(for Slow Down). In this example when I'm going in 43 km/h I pressed the Cruise Control Decrase Button it will changed my speed 40 km/h now when I press this button it will be decrease -5 km/h speed. You can change this -1 km/h or -2 km/h increase for every press. Check section 3 in guide. Cruise Control Resume is remembers your speed when you clicked cruise control button last time. In this example I stopped my truck and click Cruise Control Resume and i get 43 km/h speed because it remembered my last speed. __________________________________ 3. Changing Cruise Control Increase/Decrease Speeds Stop your truck, press ESC key and open the menu screen. And click options on bottom panel. Now click "Gameplay" button. Find "Cruise control grid step"and set this what you want.
  8. Why can i drive only 90kmh on the high way on the server simulation1 i looked up everything but there is no seeting changed since i begun the game yesterday i were able to drive 110kmh how?Also i saw another player how drove 110 kmh while i were only possiple to drive 90kmh.
  9. Guest

    Speed Limit

    90 km hız sınırını 100 yapmanızı istiyoruz (World Of Trucks).Gerekli imzalar toplansa da, olumlu bir geri bildirim alamadık. İlginiz için teşekkürler.
  10. Suggestion Name: Maximum Speed for cars Suggestion Description: My suggestrion is to make speed limit for cars about 140KM/H Any example images: Sorry don't have any Why should it be added?: Many users and me have enough players in cars which overtaking trucks mainly down country roads and then they lose stability; and rollover; and then they blocking all road; and then making traffic jams. This idea was mentrion in this thread https://forum.truckersmp.com/index.php?/topic/30483-police-public-car-update-info/&page=27#comment-416343 and user @[GB]pete_agreatguy said its not bad idea Other reasons why should be added is amount of trolls will decrease same as amount of swearing words that ussually happen in those kind of traffic jams.
  11. Sorry if this has been answered already, just couldn't find the answer, but can I disable the trucks limiter on eu2 as I can only go 70mph or is it only available on arcade? I'd imagine most players would go to the arcade server if it was only available on there but most people are still on eu1 and 2 so bit confused unless people don't like speed.
  12. Suggestion Name: Take off the speed limiter Suggestion Description: Limit in cities: 60 km/h, any roads with job: 90 km/h. These limits are too low. Any example images: - Why should it be added?: With the promods, the map is too large. We know that this is a simulator, but not all players have time to make a longer, at least 3-4 days job in the game. For example: From Bolungarvík to Akaba, the map says about 8000 km. With 90km/h in "game time" means 89 hours, in real time: 11-12 hours.
  13. On server Europe 1 (with trailer) I have got speed limit 90 km/h and in city 60km/h. Without trailer - 110 km/h. Is it normal speed limit? I am nervous because I saw people faster than me, while I was driving 90km/h.
  14. Suggestion Name: Title^ Suggestion Description: There are many Speed hackers our question is how do we know if they are speed hacking or in other words driving over 150km/h? (new option on the tab list) - Click tab - Right click - At the button next to "settings" in yellow click speed. - Huver your cursor over a moving truck and it will tell you how fast they are driving. (There should be a box pop under then the tab lost showing the speed) Any example images: No. Why should it be added?: All Game Mods have to decided if a reported user is Speed hacking or not it's more easier to show evidence of there speed. Also, this would be something cool to have either way. Regards, -Arctic Wolf
  15. Suggestion Name: Sim 2 speed limit increase Suggestion Description:This topic contains a proposal to increase the speed limit to 150km/h on Simulation 2 ETS2. If this was enacted the server speed limit on EST2 simulation 2 server would be increased to 150km/h. Any example images: Why should it be added?: I think we all love to go fast, and by being responsible and keeping an eye on the GPS/satnav you can slow to avoid causing accidents. Let's be responsible and consider increasing the speed limit on sim 2! For people who want the more authentic low speed they can still play on server #1 Thank you for reading this. See you on the road! edited to fix format. thanks again!
  16. Guest

    Speed limit

    Hello, please disable speed limit for cars, This cars can run over 200 km/h on the highways.
  17. Hello, i have a question can i drive my truck faster than 110km/h ? If yes how? PS. Sorry for my bad english
  18. Suggestion Name: Speed Limit. Change the rules about it. Suggestion Description: Remove the speed limit to experimented players at the game (with more than 100/200/300 hours of playing the game [at administrators choose]) and when they cause an accident put the speed limit to them to 90km/h in all servers (excepting Freeroam) by the double of the time of the ban lapse. Any example images: No Why should it be added?: The arguments that "this is not a racing game, is a truck simulator" are bad. Because in the real life you can go with a truck faster than 150km/h. It's not the common thing that truck drivers do but they can. And if you wan't to stop the many crashes that causes the higher speeds let only the experimented drivers do that. If you want to measure the "experience" by other kind of thing than hours played be free of explain you how you will do it.
  19. Suggestion name: Speed limit for cars only Suggestion description: Remove or increase speed limit for Skodas. Why this?: The 150kph speed limit is ok for trucks, but the skoda really would be capable of doing a bit more. It's a low limit for freeway cruising, as in many states speed limits are of 150kph and you have no speed left for an eventual overtake. Also, this would allow cars to have a more realistic behavior in the game, by being able to overtake trucks that are doing 150 (which is a lot for a truck). Also in Germany there is no speed limit for cars on some freeways, I don't see why it shouldn't be implemented here too. Obviously in the cities the current speed limit would be kept so that idiots will not be permitted to fly at 200kph in the city centre.
  20. I drive Skoda all the time and try to drive it carefully to not get banned because of my history The problem is that suddenly, in totally random situations(city, highway, low or high fps) I get big gains in speed. I go from 90km/h to 170km/h! I play on vanilla, unmodded, untouched ETS2 from Steam, with new profile. Edit: There is nothing running in the background and I do not have any programs that should or could effect the ETS2 Only sketchy thing that I did is Cheat Engine the money and xp, but as I know that is OK regarding the rules. Are there any other people experiencing this? How can I find out the source of this? What is this? Is it a bug or is some hacker just messing with me? If staff is interested in this id like to be a guinea pig if that would help the tmp community and the experience overall.
  21. My car accelerated from 128km/h to 166km/h in 1 second:/ There is video:
  22. Hallo, ich habe das Problem das ich den geschwindigkeitsbegrenzer nicht ausschalten kann. Ich kann zwar einen hacken setzen das er aus seien soll, aber ändern tut sich nichts. Sowohl im Luncher als auch unter ,,Gameplay''. bei beidem kann man ein häckchen setzen, aber nichts davon funktioniert. und die wot Aufträge hab ich auch abgebrochen und den Account entfernt also sollte es daran auch nicht liegen. Hat jemand davon eine Ahnung? Danke schonmal
  23. So i found this thread but it was locked : I wish to know a bit more about the speed limited. Same road, same truck, with or without cargo: 1. Sometimes i can only go 90km/h mark 2. sometimes i have hit the 150km/h mark sometimes I am limited at 90 and trucks come flying past me as I am sure they are hitting the 150km/h mark. is the limiter really that inconsistent?
  24. As the title said i cant go over ~45km/h in the scout car- Just bought it and went on the streets but somehow i am just as fast as a snail. Am i doing something wrong? Help would be aprreciated.
  25. My car is stuck at 40 km / h I do not know what's blocking this, I check that I was in automatic, I was it I disassigned the upper and lower report keys but that did not change anything. Sry google traduction (I'm french) Je ne sais pas ce qui bloque cela, j'ai vérifier que j'était en automatique, je l'était j'ai désassigné les touches de rapport supérieur et inférieur mais cela na rien changer.
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