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  2. Like the print shows, I'm about to choose a cargo and all of sudden the game crashes and shows me that message, an application fatal error. What can it be, I'd appreciate the help. Thank You.
  3. SELAMAT DATANG DI INDONESIAN DISCUSSION !! Monggo dipersilahkan memperkenalkan profilnya masing2 di topik ini, sebelum berpartisipasi di diskusi forum di sini. Biar saling kenal dan dapat menambah teman. Kalau tak kenal maka tak sayang Nama = Ferdian Wisnukendra Mesepy ID Steam = INET 4 - MLeNoSH Komunitas = Indonesian Evolutionary Team (INET - ETS2MP) Domisili = Yogyakarta, Indonesia #HappyTrucking
  4. How to turn off Winter mod ? If you want to turn off Winter mod in game, follow these instructions: 1. Login in ETS2 Multiplayer 2. Click settings in the upper left 3. General ---> Tick off Season effects 4. Mods ---> Tick off Winter mod After that, click ok and enjoy your game
  5. Jigen


    Cada vez que entro en duisburg, me da un error y se sale, logicamente le dia a enviar el error a los desarolladores de ets2mp.
  6. Hi guys. Im a player of ETS2 since 2 jul 2019. I see other players with the same problem, I got this error when I drive or when I load in a crowded city, and its weird. I've been trying to solve this problem for a month now. Every day I open the browser looking for a post with the solution. I've started to have this dreadful problem since I started playing again, tallking about August or so. I don't wanna spawn in a city where there's fewer peoples because I didn't have this problem before. Don't write the same things like the other's players post. (avoid, avoid bla bla bla.)
  7. Lithuanian virtual comapny looking for profesionals drivers or new guys play for lithuanian company if you interested more info: https://trucksbook.eu/company/67164
  8. Suggestion Name: Server Selection Menu Suggestion Description: Hello guys, I like the new Server Select menu, but I prefer the old one... This one is very confusing. If for some reason I select Europe 2 server for mistake, and I want to select another one, I need to restart the game to select other server. You guys should put a "button" that when you click, you will exit to the server selection screen. Any example images: I dont have any Why should it be added?: Because it makes it easier for the se
  9. Suggestion Name: Adding additional controls to report (a) player(s) Suggestion Description: Adding in another way to report players while on the move, multiple times when i'm late for a delivery, or no where safe to stop and the driver is VERY bad, we need to report them, this causes accidents when moving for those with Mouse Steering, There should be an additional way to report them using commands (Different keys) on the keyboard, where we can drive safely and use the keyboard to navigate the menu for reporting a player. Any example images: (N/A) Why should it be added?: I think
  10. So yesterday i experienced the Unreliable connection error and i fixed it by waiting 1 minute before clicking drive, today when i tried to play everything worked(12-16 in my time zone (poland)) but now when i do this 1 minute waiting trick when loading the loading bar stops almost at the end and i get the [An application fatal error! Do you want to send crash.log file to developers?] also there is the screen shot of error https://prnt.sc/t3tqho. Also i get the connection breaked reconnecting massage on chat . idk how to call it [my screen shot software cant create screen shot of g
  11. سلام دوستان عزیز در این پست براتون آموزش می دهیم که چگونه بازی یورو تراک 2 و آمریکن تراک را آنلاین اجرا کنید --------- کنسل شد
  12. Hi. Currently, Iranian players cannot connect to Multiplayer. Because all TruckersMP servers are filtered for Iranians. Please solve this problem.
  13. Suggestion Name: Change the: You Cannot do that firstly you must stop your truck message. Suggestion Description: It changes the message when you are moving and try to go into menu Any example images: No Why should it be added?: Because, cars have been added so it would make more sense to have it as : You Cannot do that firstly you must stop your vehicle. .
  14. // Внимание, эта статья является переводом. Оригинал статьи написанный @-RiPuZ- Style можно найти тут. Приветствую, игроки TruckersMP - Я хочу показать вам решение бага, который я нашел сегодня. (Другие из вас тоже могли испытывать его) С помощью этого решения, вам не надо будет закрывать игру. Все что вам нужно сделать, это посмотреть видео. Просто посмотрите его - Баг: ETS2 MP и ATS MP внутриигровой чат + F1 Пауза и впоследствии "зависшая" игра // Для тех, кому лень смотреть видео: Нажим
  15. Artika(lags)


    Игра в мультиплеер вообще не запускается, сразу всплывает ошибка и журнал сбоев,в одиночной игре все работает. логи приложил The game in multiplayer does not start at all, immediately POPs up an error and a crash log, in a single game everything works. Crashes logs attached Содержание ошибки:In application fatal error. Do you want to send crash.log to developers? game_log.txt
  16. Every time I try to go in the EU1 server and when I click on Drive just before I load into the game I get kicked for unreliable connection. I have even tried running the game as an administrator. It won't let me load into the game at all it puts me in offline mode every time. The game worked fine before this update. Please help me as I can't wait to get back into the game. Thank you.
  17. Приветствую! Вот такая ситуация возникает при запуске ETS2MP. Окно можно передвигать, при этом текст проступает как сквозь трафарет, когда читаешь сквозь горизонтальную решетку. Эта же ситуация при просмотре игроков при нажатии TAB в игре. В ATS всё нормально. Разрешение 1280х1024, win7 64bit, настройки Ультра, скопировал config c ATS, не помогло. Спасибо за помощь.
  18. Suggestion Name: Oportunity to costumize the standart (and DLC) paintjobs with a synchronized text Suggestion Description: You can edit and costumize the paintjobs with an text by yourself, which is synced - just like the lizenze plates in the truck interior. It should be possible, to edit this text in the size, colors, etc. and also it should be possible to move the text around the truck. This function should be limited by 6 times or something like that. Any example images: I tried my best to photoshop it.: Why should it be added?: Because, the players have more oportunites to
  19. | TÜRK LOGİSTİCS | - | CARRY SAFELY | - Contact: [email protected] We are a solid team that has proven itself and completed its 3rd year. We started recruiting the team. | Türk Logistics | - | CARRY SAFELY | ABOUT US: We are a solid team that has proven itself and completed its 3rd year. We started recruiting the team. | Türk Logistics | - | CARRY SAFELY | Our team was founded on 24.07.2016. As time goes on, our new friends continue to join our team. Our team has an environment of respect and love for adults and minors.
  20. | TÜRK LOGİSTİCS | - | CARRY SAFELY | - Contact: [email protected] We are a solid team that has proven itself and completed its 3rd year. We started recruiting the team. | Türk Logistics | - | CARRY SAFELY | ABOUT US: We are a solid team that has proven itself and completed its 3rd year. We started recruiting the team. | Türk Logistics | - | CARRY SAFELY | Our team was founded on 24.07.2016. As time goes on, our new friends continue to join our team. Our team has an environment of respect and love for adults and minors.
  21. 트럭 운전사 여러분, 지난 5년 동안 TruckersMP는 새로운 등급, 규칙, 업데이트 및 수정 기능을 도입하면서 상당히 변화하고 발전했습니다. 이 개발을 계속하고 플레이어의 경험을 향상하기 위해 노력하면서 과거를 잊고 떠나고 싶지 않습니다. 우리가 미래에 하는 일은 매우 중요하지만, 우리가 한 일과 어디에서 왔는지는 중요합니다. 우리의 최신 프로젝트인 과거 투척 목요일에서는 과거의 이야기를 공유하고 회상하고자 합니다. 매주 목요일 우리는 과거에 TruckersMP를 선보이는 커뮤니티의 이미지 또는 비디오를 게시합니다. 그것과 함께 우리는 그 뒤에 이야기를 설명하고 설명하는 당신의 경험을 느끼게 할 것입니다. 커뮤니티에 처음 가입했을 때 무엇을 얻었습니까? 당시 수정 사항을 어떻게 찾았습니까? 과거 TruckersMP 경험에서 가장 좋아했던 부분은 무엇입니까? ETS2MP 시절을 기억하십니까? 창의력을 발휘하고 몇 년 전의 오래된 사진과 비디오를 발굴하고 그들이 당신에게 무엇을 의미했는지 설명하십시오! 어떻게 참여할 수 있을까요? TruckersMP의 과거를 보여주는 하나의 사진 또는 비디오로 이 주제
  22. WItam. Mam pewien problem z kontrolerami w ETS2MP posiadam kierownicę Logitecg Driving Force GT oraz pada Genesis PV65. Problem polega na tym że gty włączam ets 2 na singlu kontrolery działają normalnie lecz gdy włączę ets 2 mp ani jeden kontroler nie zostaje wykryty. Próbowałem też na innych save'ach lecz tam też nic. Prosiłbym o pomoc ponieważ nie bardzo wiem co mogę zrobić a chciałbym pograć na MP. Edit: Próbowałem reinstalu TruckersMP oraz Ets lecz też nic problem występuje nadal. Eurotruck widzi kontrolery a TruckersMP już nie jeśli ktos miał taki lub podobny problem i zna rozwiązan
  23. Hello Forum ; By opening my own company and recruiting online players. making money is a good idea I think Good Forums Good Games
  24. Vážení uživatelé Discordu, zde je návod, jak získat jedinečné uživatelské Discord ID, užitečné pro případ, pokud si budete přát nahlásit uživatele. 1. Nejprve musíte povolit vývojářský režim. Přejděte do „Nastavení“ v levém dolním rohu vašeho klienta Discord, například: 2. Dále musíte nalevo vyhledat kartu nazvanou „Vzhled“. 3. Musíte najít "Vývojářský režim". Lze jej najít, pokud na kartě "Vzhled" přejdete dolů. Od nynějška, kdykoli kliknete pravým tlačítkem myši na jméno uživatele, získáte možnost „Kopírovat ID“ Příklad:
  25. I would like to ask the community if they have the same problem I wanted to sign up today, but came the message that a lock function or something would not work. Did you have the same problem? Would be glad about an answer hallo Ich möchte mal die Community fragen ob sie das gleiche Problem haben/hatten Ich wollte mich heute anmelden, jedoch kam die Meldung das eine Sperrfunktion oder so änlich nicht funktionieren würde. Habt/hattet ihr das gleiche Problem?? Würde mich über ne Antwort Freuen
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