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Found 927 results

  1. Which one do you prefer? 1-Single ride 2-Ride with the convoy Please share your preferences with me
  2. Hi there What is your favourite country/place to visit in the standard map of ets2 and why?
  3. TruckStopRadio We are a Radio Station based around the Euro Truck Simulator 2 & American Truck Simulator game and now Farming Simulator 19. We play all the best tunes into your truck cab! Playing the best hits 24/7 We have great things coming for the launch of TruckStopRadio with a couple of giveaways to do and our growing team and our discord with 50+ Members, we are always providing the best music as we can without our listeners we would not be here and thank you all for the support we will be growing day by day until we reach 200+ Members in discord. Main Radio Information Website: https://truckstopradio.co.uk Discord: https://discord.gg/vzRWjTp Twitter: https://twitter.com/TruckStop_Radio Facebook: Coming Soon Kind Regards,
  4. Witajcie! Nadszedł ten dzień. Po prawie miesiącu beta testów jestem gotowy. Oto przed Państwem... Tachograf v2 by Arkadiusz Fatyga Obecna wersja - 1.1 Głównie jest on dedykowany dla Wirtualnych Spedycji, które chcą mieć dostęp do większości opcji skryptu, by móc dostosować go do swoich potrzeb oraz VSek, które chcą posiadać tachograf na swoim serwerze (np. obok strony internetowej swojej firmy). Lista funkcji w obecnej wersji: system tras (dodawanie, akceptacja, odrzucanie z powiadomieniami), system rekrutacyjny (przy użyciu SteamID API za pośrednictwem SteamAuthenticator przez SmItH197 oraz TruckersMP API [Player oraz VTC]) system konwojów (listowanie, dodawanie i usuwanie) system wiadomości (oparty o TruckersMP API [VTC]) wsparcie dla najnowszych DLC (nie są dodane jeszcze miasta ani ładunki - jedynie ich nazwy)/modów (nie jest wbudowane!) rangi (wbudowane 2 role) generowanie raportów do formatu PDF, top 10 kierowców w danym miesiącu w różnych kategoriach i wiele innych Obecnie dostępny jest w dwóch wersjach językowych (wbudowanych w skrypt) - polskim oraz angielskim. Skrypt jest udostępniany na licencji GPL v3. Wykorzystane skrypty: Fat-Free Framework (cały skrypt) mPDF (generowanie raportów do PDF) SteamAuthenticator (system rekrutacyjny) Bootstrap 4 (cały wygląd skryptu) Font Awesome 5 (ikonki) Wykorzystane API: SteamID API (pobierane dane to nickname, email, link do profilu Steam oraz SteamID64) Trucky API (w celu pobierania informacji o aktualnym położeniu użytkownika - za jego wyświetlenie odpowiada ets2map) TruckersMP API (Player - sprawdzenie historii banów i od kiedy jest na TruckersMP; oraz VTC - wyświetlenie wymagań, opisu firmy oraz regulaminu Wirtualnej Spedycji) Wymagania do instalacji: posiadanie serweru VPS lub hostingu, wersja PHP 5.6 lub wyższa, baza danych MySQL Instalacja skryptu: Pobierz skrypt z gałęzi "master" Wypakuj skrypt Wstaw go na serwer poprzez FTP Przejdź do http://yourdomain.com/installer i dokonaj konfiguracji. Zgłaszanie błędów Jeśli potrzebujesz zgłosić błąd, możesz to zrobić na 3 sposoby: poprzez GitHub (zakładka Issues) poprzez serwer Discord poprzez wiadomość mailową na email [email protected] Strona demo aktualnie nie jest dostępna Zdjęcia Link do strony GitHub Życzę miłego korzystania ze skryptu! Wszelkie sugestie i tłumaczenia można publikować za pośrednictwem serwera Discord oraz emaila.
  5. Salve a tutti , vi chiedo cortesemente di aiutarmi a risolvere un problema giocando in multiplayer su ogni server con ets2 In qualsiasi momento il SYSTEM mi KICKA dal server scelto con messaggio UNRELIABLE CONNECTION, premessa ho la fibra TIM da 200 e il collegamento PC-MODEM è con cavo Ethernet. Grazie
  6. Hi there who here is looking forward to the release date of Iberia and drive around on Spanish roads & Portuguese roads that surely should be fun to drive on
  7. SALUDOS GENTE: Tengo una duda y quizás ustedes me la puedan aclarar: El doble trailer largo sólo se pueden hacer entregas en Finlandia? como para hacer entregas en general con ese enorme trailer doble en el resto del mapa dentro del Truckers MP. Muchas gracias.
  8. Hello, Welcome to Dylan's Gallery! My gallery will consist of; random photos, slightly edited photos and some videos. Both in ETS2 and ATS.
  9. Been hearing some players when they talk on the CB it sounds like they are actually using a crystal radio. Been racking my brain to figure out what programs they are using.
  10. Trailer Mod Web Generator v2 by Mayday This tool allows easy create a trailer mod. You will be able to buy any non-ownable trailer! Link: https://mods-generator.com/ Main features: Supports latest ETS2 and ATS versions Includes all DLC + ProMods Supports double and triple (ATS only) trailers Paintable skins Multilingual Join our Discord server https://discord.gg/JtQkAAV How to generate mod? 1. Choose a name for future mod (not required, otherwise generated from the chassis name). 2. Pick a chassis from dropdown list (required). You can use search. 3. Depending on the chosen chassis, you will be asked to additionally choose the cargo or the skin for the trailer. 4. Also, if you selected a colored skin, you can specify the color you want. 5. Click the "Next" button. The mod will be generated and you will see a button for its download. Translations needed! You may contribute to tranlations for this app by this link: https://mods-generator.oneskyapp.com P.S. If you have an issue, please contact me directly or write it in comment section below
  11. Hi in your opinion what is the least used truck that you think should get more love?
  12. GUIDE ON USING MULTIPLE TRAILERS IN ANY CITY OR COUNTRY OF ETS 2: So I was recently taught a trick in order to get double trailers in every area of the ETS 2 map. So, as you currently know the area limitation has been lifted but the default game won't let you change the area you want your trailer. This is why I have created this guide to help beginners and advanced players test their luck in other areas of the map not just Finland. It's fairly simple but you need to decrypt your game.sii folder and in order to do this you need a file such as the one attached https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/642182917816057867/642208434334203904/SII_Decrypt.exe what will this do? This will simply decrypt your save game, ensure you go to the right area in order to do this successfully. So to do this, you need to do the following: Step 1, - You need to use one of your trailers in single player mode of ETS 2 (Not in TruckersMP) Step 2, - Then you need to go and save your game as something you'll remember I used 'DOUBLE 2' Step 3, when you have saved your game as a familiar name, you'll need to locate this profile save, don't worry about staying in your single player game for now, this is fine. Step 4, go to this folder: profiles In order to get here do the following steps: (PC - Documents - Euro Truck Simulator 2 - Profiles) - Once at this point, you'll notice a big number which is a file. This is where all of your ingame profiles are stored. In order to access this, go ahead and click on the folder so it should look like this when opened: http://prntscr.com/puesv8 - Once opened, you'll see a folder in there called 'save' go ahead and click on this, it'll bring you to your actual profiles. Once at your profiles you'll see in some cases a lot of auto saves, maybe none or a few, this makes your life even easier if you don't have many if you do, no problem just find the save you made ingame. So for me, it was: http://prntscr.com/puetj5 you can check this via the Date Modified function. Great! You're doing really well, now once you get to here; http://prntscr.com/puehay go ahead and drag the folder 'SII_Decrypt from the link sent above into the game folder. What will this do? It'll simply enable you to actually understand the contents inside this file. So it should look like a SII notepad file or you'll be able to read the contents. Now follow the next steps: Step 1, Go to 'Edit - Find and search "trailer_defs" when you get here it'll look like this: http://prntscr.com/puew0f - Once here, copy everything in the BLUE Highlight shown like so: http://prntscr.com/puewst and go ahead and search it. Step 2, Now, you'll see this part of the document: http://prntscr.com/puexcs - Once here, you're doing very well and on task - - Next! You'll need to change the following things in order to make the game think it's a Single trailer when in theory it's a double, B double or HCT. - Why is this? It's to ensure you can drive your trailer anywhere in TMP. Step 3, So you'll change the value here under 'chain_type:' to single as I've done here: http://prntscr.com/pueyb0 (Keep in mind if it's already single, scroll down until you find one with 'B double', Double or HCT' - Great! Once you've done that you'll notice some text under 'country_validity between these lines: it'll have different countries names: http://prntscr.com/puez28 - Delete all of it until you're left with everything you can see on my document. Now - the eagle eyed ones out there would of noticed my country validity says '0' - You'll need to change it's current value to 0 this enables you to use it in any countries. Step 4, Find "source_name:" and delete the text including the quotes as seen here: http://prntscr.com/puezoh and replace it with 'NULL' as seen here: http://prntscr.com/puf087 - This will enable the game to work out it's a single trailer. Now, once you've done this all you need to do is the following. Click File - Save and save the document. Step 5, Load into Single player game (unless it's still open on single player) and go ahead and click on 'LOAD' and load in your saved profile. Go to trailer manager and highlight your mouse over one of the trailers that shows as a HCT, B-Double or double - You'll see it says 'Single' Step 6 - Go ahead and SAVE the new profile and go into TMP, load up the profile and it'll let you transfer that trailer to any garage you own in the game - I hope this helps. React as you feel appropriate feel free to private message questions and I'll address them. -ADDED EXTRA: the allowed trailer types by TMP: Keep on TRUCKING! - Credit to my friend.
  13. Welcome to teddie's gallery im not the best at doing media but I try and keep it at high quality. the gallery will be mostly ets2 but may see some ats in here as well. I hope you like all the photo's I do post here ets2 mp driving the DAF XF euro 6
  14. What Type of driver are you? Are you speed and damage? Or slow and careful? I would like to hear what type of driver you are!
  15. Hello! What are your favorite map expansions and why? Mine is the Scandinavia expansion because of all the twisty mountain roads and long tunnels.
  16. RLC 2nd Anniversary | 29th February 2020 Hello everyone and welcome to RLC's 2nd anniversary. After another year of great times it is finally time to celebrate our 2nd year of being a VTC. RLC is celebrating it's 2nd anniversary on the 29th February and we want you to join us in the scenic countryside of France! There will be a truckfest and a convoy with plenty of prizes up for grabs. With hosting more than 100 convoys we are glad to say that it has been an amazing journey and we are happy to celebrate another year of great convoys with you guys. We hope so to see you there! RLC Event Information ◉ Event server opens: 16:00 GMT | 17:00 CET ◉ Event staff arrives: 17:00 GMT | 18:00 CET ◉ Truckfest starts: 18:00 GMT | 19:00 CET ◉ Truckfest judging: 18:20 GMT | 19:20 CET ◉ Announcing truckfest winners: 18:30 GMT | 19:30 CET ◉ Convoy start: 19:00 GMT | 20:00 CET ◉ Starting Location: Clermont-Ferrand, A89 Fuel Station ◉ Destination: Salzburg, Quarry ◉ DLC: Vive La France & Italy DLC ◉ Route: https://imgur.com/a/KqxdMfN ◉ Your Time Zone: https://notime.zone/Lr0r9ZO2397GQ ◉ Best Public Truck - Raven Truck Design Pack ◉ Best Save Edited Truck - Actros Tuning Pack ◉ Best VTC Attendance - Italia ◉ Best VTC Parking Formation - Road to the Black Sea ◉ ETS2C: https://ets2c.com/view/83035/john-marston-clermont-ferrand-a89-fuel-station ◉ Discord servers: https://discord.gg/R8uDVgF | https://discord.gg/Qk5eh6b   ◉ VTC slot booking: http://bit.ly/2m6n196
  17. So that's how I have a problem when trying to enter the server, it doesn't load any of my profiles even though there are profiles in the Euro Truck Simulator 2 folder, but when I create a new profile (it also appears right away in the profile folder) I normally see it in the game and I can start playing. Can somebody help me? Last time I played and everything was fine today I'm starting the game and I can't play because I don't show me any profile (except the new one) Thank you in advance.
  18. Throughout ETS2 various landmarks are placed to make the game more scenic and interesting. Which landmark is your favorite?
  19. Good afternoon. Do you plan to synchronize the weather for all players on the server? Because not very pleased to go and look as each goes to under sun, and have you on computer rain goes in entire and only you wave your wipers. Will there ever be such a thing or can you forget?
  20. El sonido juega un papel muy importante en los juegos interactivos, por lo que estamos muy emocionados de introducir un nuevo motor de sonido en los mundos de Euro Truck Simulator 2 y American Truck Simulator en un futuro próximo. FMOD [www.fmod.com] es un motor de efectos de sonido propietario que nos permitirá hacer un audio realmente dinámico y complejo. Hemos estado trabajando en su implementación desde hace mucho tiempo, y nuestro diseñador de sonido ya ha invertido cientos de horas en la implementación de nuevos sonidos para vehículos. Eventualmente, los cambios en nuestro paisaje sonoro serán más profundos ya que planeamos volver a visitar las fuentes de sonido ambiental en todo el entorno, esto está previsto que aparezca en el juego a través de una serie de actualizaciones de seguimiento. La retroalimentación que recibamos de nuestra comunidad seguramente jugará un papel importante en la forma en que afinemos y ajustemos el sfx en futuras actualizaciones, esperamos que tome algunas iteraciones. Otra parte de la comunidad que podría estar emocionada (o nerviosa) por tal cambio son nuestros modders. Sinceramente, tendrán que empezar desde cero para volver a conectar sus sonidos al juego, ya que los cambios en las estructuras de datos son considerables. Esta actualización hará que la mayoría de los mods de sonido existentes sean incompatibles. El lado positivo es que la nueva riqueza de características de la biblioteca de sonidos permitirá una mayor fidelidad, especialmente con los sonidos de los vehículos, por lo que esperamos que los profundos cambios que se avecinan sean apreciados. FMOD ofrece una aplicación gratuita [www.fmod.com] para que todo el mundo la use, así que los creadores de mods tendrán el poder disponible como nuestro propio departamento de sonido. Para ayudar en la transición, también planeamos publicar algunos tutoriales útiles para ayudar a familiarizarse con este nuevo software. Para aquellos que tengan ojo para los detalles, puede que hayan notado una imagen que compartimos a través de nuestros canales de medios sociales el pasado fin de semana para burlarnos de ustedes. ¿La has visto? Una característica muy esperada será posible con esta actualización de FMOD: ¡la posibilidad de bajar las ventanillas de su camión! Busca una entrada más detallada en el blog en unos pocos días! Aunque todavía nos queda un largo camino por recorrer con esta nueva y gran característica, esperamos que disfrutéis de este anticipo de lo que está por venir y de cómo este nuevo motor de sonido y el efecto Doppler cambiarán la forma en que escucháis las cosas a vuestro alrededor en ETS2 y ATS. +info: https://blog.scssoft.com/2020/02/fmod-first-tease.html?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=Feed:+ScsSoftwaresBlog+(SCS+Software's+blog)
  21. Event information When Saturday, April 18, 2020 From 9 p.m. Protection: VDS? event planning Meeting point: LKW-Graz Meet from 8 p.m. Starting line-up from 8:45 p.m. Destination: Stokes - Kiel Break: Rest area A4 between Erfurt and Kassel Length of the route: approx. 1404 kilometers We want to have a small party and would stay a little longer at our destination until the event server stops EVENT RULES - No advertising of any kind unless the organizers allow it. - The participants must have a trailer in the convoy. - During the convoy, all participants must remain on the route at all times. - The participants may only return to the convoys of the capitals - Participants may only overtake if they have been towed in a capital. - The security company can block any road or intersection. - Event staff can come or teleport if you are not a participant and abide by the rules. - Event staff may use Skoda vehicles.
  22. Suggestion Name: Support for Project Next-Gen Graphic Mod Suggestion Description: Add support for Project NG Mod and make users able to (optional) download and use it while playing TMP Any example images: Why should it be added?: I think this mod could be useful for users that want a more realistic game, also it doesn't have any impact on game's performance, and it only changes your textures.
  23. A więc tak mam pewien problem,kiedy próbuje wejść na serwer nie wczytuje mi mojego żadnego profilu mimo to,że widnieją w folderze profile w katalogu Euro Truck Simulator 2,lecz gdy stworze nowy profil (również pojawia się odrazu w folderze profile) normalnie widzę go w grze i mogę zacząć grę.Może mi ktoś pomóc? Ostatnio grałem i wszystko było dobrze dzisiaj odpalam grę i nie mogę zagrać,bo nie pokazuję mi żadnego profilu (poza tym nowo założonym) Z góry dziękuje.
  24. Event information When Saturday, April 18, 2020 From 9 p.m. Protection: VDS? event planning Meeting point: LKW-Graz Meet from 8 p.m. Starting line-up from 8:45 p.m. Destination: Stokes - Kiel Break: Rest area A4 between Erfurt and Kassel Length of the route: approx. 1404 kilometers EVENT RULES - No advertising of any kind unless the organizers allow it. - The participants must have a trailer in the convoy. - During the convoy, all participants must remain on the route at all times. - The participants may only return to the convoys of the capitals - Participants may only overtake if they have been towed in a capital. - The security company can block any road or intersection. - Event staff can come or teleport if you are not a participant and abide by the rules. - Event staff may use Skoda vehicles. 5jahre Banner.pdn
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