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  1. Video shows what I’m saying but the flatbed with the exclusive custom lights when I click my left turn signal it puts it on flasher mode (watch video) but when I do a right turn signal it does perfectly fine and dosnt show Flanders I’ve tested it in signal player and it’s not the game it’s the mod. Just reporting this link will direct you to Instagram as the file is too big https://www.instagram.com/p/COUx_DlJH96/?igshid=x7iftnp34d28
  2. Strad

    FMOD bugs

    Greetings, Not sure if there's already a place for people to come together and discuss about the current bugs/glitches in the recent FMOD implementation for 1.37 (I personally haven't seen a similar thread to this), so I thought I'd make a thread all about discussions to keep things organized-sorta. * If a thread like this is already active, please let me know! * What are some of the problems/issues you've encountered in 1.37? For me I'm experiencing: - Often engine startup sounds when I'm driving - Horn not working in populated areas
  3. How to fix this Issue? Can't Open TruckersMP
  4. ım getting a long error when ı press the truckers mp launcher button ı ve already written it to support team but they cant solve it https://ibb.co/5h6spRN this is the error looks like need help immediatly ıf you can solve it just send mail to (email removed) ı can open teamviewer I NEED HELP İMMEDİATELY
  5. Okay so i came back yesterday after not playing since 2018 and I decided to pick up some dlc's okay so I got the Washington and Utah and breast cancer paints and the space paints and okay so I start the game up and everything was updated and all that and I get in and try to change the graphics settings and I click apply and the screen goes black and everything goes unresponsive and freezes and it takes task manager to close the game bc it is still frozen should I reinstall EVERYTHING and try to do that ? Or is there a bug that I missed like I said I'm open to anything I wanna play with my frie
  6. Hallo, der Multiplayer unterstützt die Game Version! Diese Verion ist zimlich leider zimlich von SCS verbugt worden. Mittlerweile gibt es erneute Updates, die man leider bei Truckersmp nicht spielen kann. Es währe schön, wenn Truckersmp die Updates von SCS zumindest der 1.36x schneller nachziehend Supporten könnte, damit Bugs schneller behoben werden können. Es ist permanent ärgerlich, wenn sich der PC aufhängt und den jedesmal neustarten muss, wenn man sich zur Werkstatt teleportiert uvm. Gruß Cronka
  7. GT900

    I need Help.

    So i just downloaded truckersMP. All was going right until my first job. I really need help with this problems. My first cargo always its late like 8000 days.Then I make it and no jobs appear. Its impossible to play now.Can someone help me?
  8. Every time i enter multyplayer on ets 2, ghost mode flashes on my screen, i read about it and ik what it does but after i stay 20 seconds it doesnt work, black textures and still in ghost mode, i can talk to other people, i can see their trucks but i dont see the other things, like the road, fences. Everything is black. Plz help!
  9. So lately today I wanted to go play some ETS2+ATS but a few minutes in some weird stuff has been happening I went over these rail tracks in ATS in San Francisco and I went flying I wasn't even going that fast and then I was like. Ah no problem I'll go get another contract. As soon as I left the company lot with the trailer heading to Santa Maria my rear tires keep kicking out and makes me lose control all over the place going over bumps makes my truck go crazy and possibility of flying across the map or worse crashing into somebody at light speed So I decided to let that go and go hop o
  10. I note that in multiplayer several bug's occur for random events. - Police cars that do not show up in accidents. Only characters appear - NPC avatars. Firefighters, cops. - police cars and drivers when fined. Only characters appear, NPC avatars. Only police officer appears and sometimes some driver who would be out of the vehicle. - Fire truck and cars and crashed trucks. Only characters appear, NPC avatars. Only firemen show up. With any luck an exploded trailler can be seen. But not fire trucks. - Cars with mechanical problems. We only see sig
  11. Hello all. I have such a problem that I do not see anyone on the server, I wanted to play with my friend I can not see anyone, my compatriot saw me, how he rams him without resistance, and I did not see anything and wonder what could be a problem. PS. I reinstalled the game, truckersMP, I started using the admin. I do not know what else I can do to make it work. Please help. PS. those people I see are still, it worked for a moment and suddenly everyone stopped. https://gph.is/2yKabkB this is video my friend
  12. Hello everyone, after I updated the game I've found some bugs with my trailer (B-double). If I want to take a ferry with it, the game crashes. and if I want to rest the game crashes....
  13. Mod Version: Controllers Used: nvm Description of Issue: Wrong sync: Mobile Barrier(both!) Food Cistern Global Mills paintjob Visual issue: ANY beacons from 1st view have wrong flash position(higher than should be), 3rd view - all good Most events in MP displayed incorrect (ex. overheat bus - smoke was displayed, bus no; crashed cars - smoke from engines and police's light was displayed, any cars - nope), but why?, Why you can't cause(call) render traffic vehicles as you do it with second trailers? Events not
  14. if i wan to activate my account it says unble to acctivate pz some one tell me how to fix this
  15. So ever since this winter update i have been getting a lot more crashes , for example i can't even get into the server for more then one minute now as every time it just crashes on me and says would you like to send a report. Obviously its the online as when i am in the Que attempting to join my game runs perfectly fine. I assume its something to do with the mass amount of players there and my game attempting to load all their textures and vehicles in, although sometimes its perfectly fine and the game manages to do so without any hitches. I have tried Verify
  16. When I enter the server, my game exits the main screen.I enter, everything normal, I choose the profile, everything normal, loads normal then when I boot into the drive it loads up a part and when it connects on the server the game minimizes and it stays that way.
  17. Bom, pesquisei bastante na internet e falam que dormi resolve... fiz isso na primeira vez e deu certo, só que as cargas sumiram de novo e não sei mais o que fazer, meu personagem não fica com sono (simulador de fadiga ta ligado). Alguém pode me ajudar ?
  18. When i join ETS2 Multiplayer, and i go there to take an offer.. there is none of them. No offer appears and i can't do anything.
  19. Bonsoir, Je viens d'installer le Launcher MP et quand je clique sur "Launch ETS2" , un message apparait : "can not inject core (initialization of client failed)" . Que dois-je faire svp je veux tellement jouer ? 0_0
  20. Guest


    Bonjour, J'ai un problème mon jeu plante au moment ou je veut prendre le bateau, ou bien si je veux me téléporter dans mes garages, quand j'achète un camion, quand je fais f7. Cela devient incessant et m'énerve beaucoup, je ne prends plus plaisir à jouer au jeu. J'ai déjà réinstaller le jeu mais cela n'a rien changer. SVP aidez-moi !!! MERCi.
  21. Witam Ostatnio zainstalowałem mod'a na volvo vnl od Truckshop'a w wersji 3.0. Po jakimś czasie postanowiłem przesiąść się na scanie i tu pojawił się problem komputer pokładowy mi nie działał. Problem pojawił się również w iveco jednak tam ekran świecił się ale nie mogłem zmieniać stron. Czy mozna to jakoś naprawić? Z góry dzięki pozdrawiam
  22. Hello! When i wanted to play with my friend i tryed to on Ets2MP, and i got this: Problem signature: Problem Event Name: APPCRASH Application Name: eurotrucks2.exe Application Version: Application Timestamp: 5784e608 Fault Module Name: eurotrucks2.exe Fault Module Version: Fault Module Timestamp: 5784e608 Exception Code: c000001d Exception Offset: 0000000000cc68b0 OS Version: 6.1.7600. Locale ID: 1033 Additional Information 1: 46fe Additional Information 2: 46f
  23. Hey there! Anybody knows a solution to my game keeping crashing while pressing the buttons f7 + enter to go to service and fix
  24. Whenever I try to play on multiplayer, it says that i need to downgrade because the game automatically updated. Can anyone help me with this, and also my friend is having the same problems. Thanks ~Dakmoa000
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