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  1. Wersja modyfikacji: Używany kontroler: Klawa+ Mysz Informacje o błędzie: Wykopuje z serwera gdy wybiorę takie powiekszone ladunki na teren Skandynawi... Jak odtworzyć błąd: ?? Screenshoty/filmy: -
  2. Game: Euro Truck Simulator 2Mod Version: Version Used: None.Description of Issue: I can't change the color and when i try, the game crashes.How to reproduce: In Login Menu, you need to select the "settings". When you click to change the color of player/friend or tag, the game crashes.Screenshots / Videos: None.
  3. Hey Guys, so I'm new to this game and started playing online after completing a few jobs in singleplayer. I drove around for 2 hours in multiplayer before I wanted to save the game to change the server. When I tried to save the game, it froze for about 4 seconds and closed the save menu but it didn't actually save. No error message whatsoever. I checked my Documents folder, there is a new folder called "3" but it's empty. Any idea why this is happening? Playing on Windows 10 64, no mods. Thank you
  4. Mam taki problem że czasem tekstury mi sie bugują (zdjęcia zobacz). Czasem pomaga wczytanie SAVE. Nie znam sie na tym więc proszę o pomoc. Z góry Dziękuję
  5. Witam, mam grę ETS 2 od sierpnia tego roku i od tego czasu mam problem z CB radio, mogę z niego korzystać prawidłowo lecz po dwóch minutach rozmowy na CB radio nagle nie mogę rozmawiać i nie pokazuje się ikonka mikrofonu a dodatkowo nie mogę pisać na czacie i muszę reset gry robić. Robiłem format komputera itd i nadal to samo. Tak mam aktualne sterowniki. Będę wdzięczny za pomoc ponieważ już ten problem mnie denerwuje, chce sobie porozmawiać z ludźmi i rozmawiam a po paru minutach nie mogę rozmawiać ani pisać na czacie a tych ludzi nadal słyszę.
  7. O MP ta pedindo a Versão mas essa versão não tem na steam, como eu faço para voltar para essa versão para o mp voltar a funcionar, por favor.
  8. Hello i have big problem why i cant use crystal dimension paint job [have kick and saying please change paintjob] if its reward from Grand gift delivery 2017 What is problem?
  9. Tytuł: Ogólne: gdy instalacje truckermp to idzie normalnie ale mam zaznaczyc gdzie jest euro truck simulator 2 w Steamie -> steamapp itd pisze mi You Must select Valid Euro truck simulator 2! Post: Blad Wersja modyfikacji: instalacji Trucker mp Launcher Używany kontroler: Klawiatura Informacje o błędzie: Tak jak opisalem na gorze Jak odtworzyć błąd: ? Screenshoty/filmy:
  10. Примерно 2 недели назад после установки TruckersMP в клиенте Steam при нажатии на кнопку Магазин вместо магазина открывается сайт 10Gbps.io и так получается что я не могу зайти на главную страницу магазина. Ну вот спустя неделю я не могу зайти в свой Steam аккаунт через свой браузер (хоть при вводе данных пишу всё правильно появляется панель с мобильным аутентификатором ввожу код и пишет неправильно введено Имя или Пароль повторюсь хоть появляется окно с мобильным аутентификатором).Антивирусом проверял он ничего не нашёл.Помогите решить проблему. P.S Простите за ошибки.
  11. When I try to play ETS2 MP my mouse stops, and I can´t use it, I only can use my xbox controller. The server selection menu doesn´t appear anywhere. And when I´m in game, the graphics are bug. Here you have some pics: The problem is ETS2 Multiplayer, ATS Multiplayer and ETS2 single player works correctly Sorry for my bad English
  12. BronzS


    Hello guys. ı have a problem. When ı join the ets2 multiplayer ı can join but after the ghost mod, ı can not see any player who is in the same country with me. But they can see me because of that ı hit them ı banned for that. https://www.twitch.tv/videos/204711337 .In the video in that time ı could not see no one in my screen. the way was free in my screen. how can resolve the problem please help me .
  13. Whenever I am driving a truck or Skoda and I am in the UK or the wheel is just on the right side of the vehicle and it starts to rain the wipers do not work at all. They move but do not get rid of the rain off of your windshield.
  14. So, when I go on ETS2 MP, theres some places that lag so I mostly put the graphics down, but sometimes it crashes.
  15. Can someone help me please ?? https://imgur.com/a/jcWz2
  16. Hello, me and my friends recently updated to newest version of TMP and ETS2 to play together, and all of us have same problems. There are multiple cases of what can happen. In Hvataj.png(image attached) you can see result of case 1 Just an error message and game is white. In Hvataj2.png and Hvata3j.png you can see result of case 2 Game starts, everything is black(I cannot se ETS2 mutiplayer logo, or anything, but I can hear it) Than it pops up an menu. Darker menu in which I cannot use mouse, but I can navigate with keyboard After choosing profile mous
  17. Less distances for transport I created a new profile and Hack Money, Level and Up Skills but Less distances for transport. What should I do? Or I should not be hacked.
  18. Guest

    Unsupported game version

    Hello and thanks for reading, My friend just got TruckersMP (He played 3 hours already) and he updated ets2 singleplayer to the version it should but the Launcher says he has 1.26 but he has the newest compatible with Launcher (not 1.3)
  19. Hey, I bought this game yesterday and played it for 5 hours without any issues. Today, when I wanted to run it, this error popped up "An application fatal error! Do you want to send crash.log file to developers?". I have done basically everything: tried to restart my pc, re-installed single and multiplayer, tried to run it with all windows compatibilities and steam preferences, forced updates on multiplayer, cleared cache. Can anyone please help me? I have windows 10 and every game works perfectly fine, it's the first issue like that. I've attached all crash logs and screenshot of this issue.
  20. Hello guys, When you deliver your any order it shows you that you are late and it shows 107000 hours.. Can you fix that ?
  21. Hello dear truckers ! Today, I was about to launch the TruckersMP launcher. So I throw it, and I have a message from Steam, which asks me if I want to run Euro Truck Simulator 2 with optional parameters (in this case, the file path of TruckersMP was present), so I selected "OK"; the game starts, but solo. If anyone had the solution, please let me know as soon as possible. I have already re-downloaded the launcher. I really need help plssss
  22. So i just download the new truckersmp version and this happend...
  23. Hi, I have a problem with the launcher, everything is fine, I think, but there is a "file" called "COREETS2MP.DLL" that will not let me continue with the update. It is all updated, in the correct version, I really need help.
  24. hi i try to login on the client it says invalid email or password. then i reset password and try again but still says invalid email or password!
  25. Então galera, comprei o jogo na Steam nessa promoção de inverno. Baixei o TruckersMP e joguei online normalmente nos 2 primeiros dias, Porém hoje não consigo entrar no online. Quando inicio o jogo, simplesmente a tela fica toda preta porém o som continua rolando normalmente, até que a tela inicial aparece, porém a tela que aparece não é a do Online e sim do Offline. E assim que aparece a tela, o jogo trava e não consigo mexer o mouse. Gostaria de saber se alguém tem a solução pra esse erro. (Lembrando que nos dois primeiros dias pegou normal e hoje, 05/01/2017, o modo MULTIPLA
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