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  1. My two submissions for this month. Good luck to everyone else who participates.
  2. Disappointed i didn't win, but regardless, congratulations to the three winners! All very good screenshots.
  3. Now reading these comments, I'm going to have my say. I tend to use this road a lot, as it is a major connection for me. I like to drive around in Scandinavia a lot, So I often do jobs to - and from there. This normally requires using the DC road, so I tend to find myself using it up to 1 - 3 times a day. Whilst this isn't the only job I do, it is a frequent road. Despite this, I have been recently exploring other jobs as the ongoing traffic jam on the DC road is discouraging me. It can be very chaotic (I even crashed into Burner at one point after swerving out of the way of another truck), and I have been exploring other routes. My main garage is in Amsterdam, so I tend to go there and get jobs out of that area. I tend to avoid Duisburg and Calais, and I am now beginning to avoid the whole road altogether. As a regular driver, I will admit it is hellish to drive on sometimes. It has its fun moments, but truth be told, this road is only going to get better if we stop driving on it for 'fun'. Whilst the strict moderation may seem a bit ridiculous, I can see why it is necessary. The traffic jam, especially, needs to go. I think we do only need to use the road seriously, and if you still like driving on it for whatever reason, at least try to take longer jobs and do it less frequently. Doing it 3 times every hour is very excessive, so I can see where the admin(s) are coming from.
  4. Except the huge traffic jam at the motorway junction.
  5. Crossings have finally been synced, yes!
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