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  1. This looks like a more real paintjob, really love i't!
  2. Well, ehm, i guess how im going to die since i can then avoid doing that thing that kills me, or be more carefull xD Entering Duisburg on friday evening, Or entering Rotterdam on friday evening?
  3. Playing in ultra with mouse and keyboard (Even know i allready play with mouse and keyboard xD) Have a phone with a battery that lasts 5 minutes Or have a phone with a 24 hours our battery, But only be able to watch ads?
  4. ETS2 Somebody ramming you off the road Or have somebody in front of you who keeps braking for no reason?
  5. MAZ (MA3) Have A Car With A Cassette Player Or Have A Car With An 8-Track Player
  6. I will defenetly be there! #PrayForLondon
  7. Good morning TMP familly! <3


    For those of you getting onto the road, Happy trucking!


    (And drive safe of course! :P)

  8. Travel In A Boat Having your car battery going dead Or Running out of oil in the middle of the desert? For the people who want to know what happens when you run out of oil: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OUE5fcdBf9Q
  9. Scania DC9 Extreme Trucker (2) or German Truck Simulator?
  10. I think no, Its not the skoda's that cause the problems, there are just bad drivers and trollers, The problem is: If your driving a car you need to be more carfull that you won't crash into somebody I do agree with the part that they should be punished for it, but some people will do it agian and agian until they get banned for it ( Sometimes Not To Be Annyoing Or Anything) And people that have experience with ets2mp for like at least a year should understand not to such things that could get them into trouble It often happens to me that by overtaking other players with trucks crash into me and the oppisete, For now reporting and sometimes bans are the only thing that are helpfull at this time I could mabye be thinking of something like a training course for skoda drivers that might have caused big traffic jams or huge problems Mabye this could help for some users (Lets hope it will ) TruckingHazards Owner Of ETL INC. (Euro Truck Logistics)
  11. Shut down ATS to get the Asia DLC for ETS2 Windows ME Or Windows Vista?
  12. Nissan Cube (Looks still a little bit like a normal car to me xD) Have your car key to break off when you want to unlock your car Or grabbing your car keys, have them slip out of your hand, and fall down a sink Witch one is worse to you?
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