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  1. ALTUNSOY.'s post in How Truckers MP sets up a head image was marked as the answer   
    Hello @[SK] - TeR*Yi ge ren  Its simple
    just login to https://truckersmp.com/ goto profile then click on settings. In edit profile then upload your pic (size up to 1mb)
    when you are done click on save.
  2. ALTUNSOY.'s post in My game crashes everytime. (Is is the speedlink DRIFT oz or the heavy cargo dlc?) was marked as the answer   
    Please read this topic
  3. ALTUNSOY.'s post in Where can I find an interior accessory mod working with truckersmp? was marked as the answer   
    1- Cabin Accessories   2-Raven Truck Design Pack 
    they are very nice accessories 
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