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  1. where you an admin befor??


  2. happy birthday digital thanks for keeping ETS2 streets safe lol

  3. I was driving on c-d road until some guy pm me rude stuff and I told him off and I told him off. so now there are trolls in chat ?????   :(((((((((((((((((((

    1. Alex [ITA]

      Alex [ITA]

      Just make a photo of the chat with the pinfo of the guy and report him on the website.

      And remember not to feed the trolls!

  4. g'day kacaktv how are you mate


  5. tbh this would not be bad at all but how are they gonna do it without changing it in the main game
  6. Doppey777

    Guide To Surviving Calais-Duisburg Road

    this help me out a lot thank god for you lol
  7. hi chris I follow you on twitch

  8. Doppey777 has been released.

    when will there be another update