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  1. hey... I cant to play the online... someone can to help me with teamvier?

  2. sorry man...i will be ban soon...( prem ban ) 


    i will cant play with you on MP 


    if you want i will give you the money back for you buying the game to play with me :( 

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    2. Smalley


      Actually, no you won't be perma banned. You may have a 1 month on your ban history but you have not had your 3 month ban yet. You still have a chance of playing on MP. So you shouldn't leave xD 

  3. Tnx...I think.. :huh:

  4. hi , my game stiil not work.. the same erorr message.

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    2. Strik3r.


      @orma2812 The dll. is missing?

    3. Strik3r.


      @orma2812 if you want help with dll file just message me or add me on steam :) 

    4. orma2812
  5. hello everyone i am new in the game and in the forum.. 


    i have some problem with my game.. if someone can go to my help topic and help me it's really make me happy . 



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    2. Aestrial


      You have made 3 topics for help. If you wait for a bit, posts to try and help you will be approved, and you can get help. 



    3. orma2812


      :( you can help me?

    4. Glanshon




      I've gone through the help section and approved relevant posts that haven't already been suggested for you.


      I hope that all of your issues will soon be fixed :)

  6. i am new and i dont know what to do... when i start the mp is say this...
  7. orma2812

    please help

    hi i am new on the game how can i start mp ? when i start the game i dont know what to do....
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