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  1. No, I am afraid I did not. The answer didn't tell me anything I didn't already state doing in my first post.
  2. I am hearing impaired but even turning my sound effects volume off I can barely make out the people speaking on the CB even with the slider all the way up. Is there a way to bypass this limit?
  3. Well I tend to play Euro 2 usually during the non busy times being an American. It's generally later my time as well. Usually 3-5 trucks and 1 pilot car. I havent used quick saves yet but perhaps I should. Just annoying when doing 5kph over the speed limit and forced to take evasive action because of people like this. I hesitated before to report as I know the admins have to go through a lot of reports, the majority of which are probably items not reportable and this being relatively minor compared to the purposeful rammers and the like. But perhaps I shall.
  4. I do not know if you mean before or after launching steam. I have noticed I have to launch steam itself first then start via the MP shortcut, otherwise steam pops up a hidden window asking if you want to start the game using command line parameters.
  5. Several times in the past few days I have come up behind slow moving convoys with a pilot car. On most highways the speed limit is 80kph and it is a 2 or 3 lane highway. Each time the convoy was moving at 75 kph or less in either the right lane or the middle lane. When I have gone to pass the convoy while doing the speed limit the pilot car has either swerved back and forth to prevent me from passing on either side or moved into the lane to prevent me from passing or has driven in front of me and braked hard forcing me to also brake hard and slow down preventing me from passing the convoy. Does this not violate the rule:
  6. You can always tell a keyboard user by how accurately they are able to stay in their lane on moderate to sharp curves at higher speeds. Someone cruising in the middle lane and keeps jerking into the lanes on either side? Keyboard user.
  7. For me it is simple. I follow the speed limits when others are around, when they arent I hop up to about 125-130 on divided highways. I also do not save "5 minutes." A "day" runs by in about 1 hour real time so a 36 hour haul takes 1 1/2 hours. To do 2 hauls take 3 hours. That is if you obey the speed limits. A 36 hour haul takes me 1 hour real time or 1 "day." In the time it took you to do 2 hauls, I just did 3. In the time it takes you to do 4 hauls, I just did 6. As I stated, I follow the speed limits in congested areas but a deserted highway is time for me to cut down delivery time. Since I purchased a logitech G920 wheel I have yet to hit a wall either from speeding.
  8. I agree that it would be nice to see an expanded map but the argument "Do this or the game will die" argument has gotten old. It was old 15 years ago
  9. I've heard this prediction many times in different games over my long gaming history. It never comes true.
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