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  1. Hello, if you watch the video you can see at the end that i was able to get his ID before he disconnected, mine is a different issue. Hello Is pretty smart if he can get away every time... Yes, my question is answered, it can be closed. Thank you.
  2. Thank you for the answer. So basically he can escape every report by deleting and creating an ccount every time?
  3. Hello. Today i got rammed intentionally by a player and as usual i wanted to report him but strangely when i insert his ID the site tells me "ID was not found". How is this possible? Link of the video:
  4. Not really solved but it can be closed. Thank you.
  5. As i said i would prefer to make the DAF grill invisible and not the same color of the truck! I have every single dlc besides the national ones that i'm no interested to so thats not a problem. Probably what i wanted to do isn't possible...
  6. Thank you for the answer but unfortunately the grill is visible in the video too. Thank you for the warning. I always follow the rules
  7. Hello. I would like to make the DAF grill invisible but keep the slots for the lights. Is it possible? How? This is what i mean: https://prntscr.com/i8ubmq
  8. Ooooh Thank you, i searched for existing topics but i found just questions like my:
  9. Hello. I found this config on the Steam Workshop. I would like to replicate this. It works fine in sp. The light beam is normal and the projectors do have a nice green tint. Link of the config: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1274111236&searchtext=scania+mp 1) Is it allowed? There are no rules about colored lights on trucks. 2) Can i do this modification to my Streamline(maybe other colors too) ? How? What i need to save edit?
  10. How i can mark the immage as spoiler because of the profanity? Edit: i found it thanks guy!
  11. Hello. I videoreported a player for reckless driving who got banned Half an hour ago he insulted me in the comment section of the evidence. My question is: where i need to report this type of offence, i have the screenshot in case he decides to delete the comment? Edit: i didn't trolled anyone.
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