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  1. Since I'm incompetent to do it myself, is there anyone who can make a save edit where the new Scania S sounds like the old V8 Scania? ... or is there a mod of such already?

  2. I'm fine with the limit. Heck, I'm even fine with the 60 km/h speed limit inside the cities. There's a wide variety of racing games, if you want to slam the pedal to the medal, then buy one of those.
  3. A small convoy with not more than 5 people. More than that is a pain in the buttocks to organize.
  4. I don't report people unless they're obnoxious and toxic. It's just a game, sometimes a flying truck can make you laugh.
  5. I own pretty much every DLC except the Black Sea one and some national paintjobs.
  6. What's the name of the mod which allows you to put parts from other trucks on your truck? I forgot the name, I was using it when I've put DAF rear lights on my Scania.

    1. [LKW Tr.] SgtBreadStick

      [LKW Tr.] SgtBreadStick

      Additional Customisation by Forerunner, however sadly it was discontinued in 1.34.

    2. AlmightyAlfo


      Is there any other mod similar to that one? I wanna put the Mercedes double pipes on my Scania 😕

    3. ScaniaFan89
  7. Yeah, I figured it out that I need to spawn in a less populated city. Thank you for trying to help me out!
  8. I've installed TruckersMP after a long time, just to play a little bit again, and when ever I try to spawn, I get kicked for unreliable connection most of the times when I'm in the loading screen. Is this a common issue or am I the only one? A friend of mine also told me he gets kicked often by the same problem. Why is this even implemented on the server?
  9. How  can I fix the issue where I'm constantly getting kicked for "UnReLiAbLe CoNnEcTiOn"... come on people what the hell? My internet works perfectly fine ... smh

    1. [ST-LH] The Englishman

      [ST-LH] The Englishman

      When you’re at the main menu travel to a different city like Glasgow for example that is less busy and then connect. After connecting to the server go back to the city you wanted to go in the first place and you’ll be fine. 

    2. AlmightyAlfo


      Ah I figured it out, thank you anyways for trying to help me out! I appreciate it.

  10. Almost got blind after entering the forums. Didn't expect the white theme after using the dark one since registering here.

    1. Sticky


      I know the feeling, but luckily you can use the dark theme again.:thisisfine:

    2. AlmightyAlfo


      Yeah, changed it almost instantly. I like the new side panels on the main page though.

  11. ^ That's a relief, I can't wait to show off those Dutch liveries
  12. when can we expect Dutch Paintjobs in-game? They look bloody awesome and I can't wait to show them off
  13. can it be any cleaner? xd Need to find a better rainmeter system monitor skin ASAP, if anyone has it, send it to me, thanks!
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