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  1. alfo's photo gallery

    Went through my old screenshots, found a few of good ones.
  2. Problem?

    Probaj da uklonis Steam Authenticator ako ga imas, mozda je do toga? Lupam sad, mozd ti to resi problem.
  3. Banned for being the most active person in this topic.
  4. Ajd' da napravimo VTC. Ja sam web dev

    Nisam imao ništa pametno da radim pa sam odlučio da složim neki prototip za tvoj projekat. Logo render
  5. Game is FREEZING for a few seconds

    You may say what you want, but I'm almost definetely sure that the TruckersMP mod itself is causing the FPS drop / lag, and not our hardware. It's a matter of optimization (which is probably non-existant). And why am I saying this? Because just take a look on how many people complain about FPS drops and laggy gameplay, there are video proofs everywhere.
  6. What is your opinion on the /fix vote poll?

    I kinda like where the poll is going with the answers. Especially with the option which wouldn't allow Skoda cars to use /fix, that's to most important thing about the poll in my humble opinion.
  7. Any otakus/weebs here?

    ^ That's cool! I don't consider myself as a diehard otaku but I still like to spend a lot of time watching anime, since it's the only source of entertainment besides playing games. What genre do you like to most?
  8. Problem?

    @NebojsaBrnatovic Ne možeš da se registruješ na TruckersMP ili na World of Trucks?
  9. Timestamps u chatu

    ^ Da da, na to se misli.
  10. Heya, are there any otakus willing to discuss about anime/manga here? I'm seriously interested to see what are ya'll watching/reading.
  11. Glasajte za komandu fix

    Moji odgovori izgledaju ovako: /vote fixeverywhere /vote fixtraileralways /vote fixiftrailer /vote fixcooldown10min /vote fixlittledamaged Skoda auto nipošto ne sme da ima /fix opciju, a ukoliko se to desi očekujte katastrofu i haos jer će trollovi maksimalno da je zloupotrebljavaju.
  12. Cast your vote for the /fix command

    Voted for the things that are pretty much already the same. Thanks for being democratic about all of this and not deciding on your own.
  13. Timestamps u chatu

    Ne postoji timestamp za ingame chat @Lukavsky je mislio za live twitch/yt chat verovatno. Sviđa mi se to, ako hoćeš idi predloži, oni bi vrlo verovatno to ubacili, pošto je veoma korisna stvarčica.
  14. Banned because I feel sorry for TheGamer_500.
  15. Favorite Music while driving Ingame

    Hmm, good question. It depends on the mood I'm at in that specific moment, but I mostly listen to rock, hard rock, alternative, metal and a bit of heavy metal. My favourite bands are Avenged Sevenfold, Bring Me The Horizon, Asking Alexandria and Disturbed so there's a huge variety of songs to listen while driving. Also I like to listen to TruckersFM as they can put up some really good jams, and most of the presenters are pretty cool, except for that kiddo (idk his name), his voice is kinda irritating and the music he puts is a bit annoying, but oh well, nothing is perfect.