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  1. alfo's photo gallery

    Until the Mighty Griffin DLC arrives for next generation Scania, a little bit of modding in singleplayer:
  2. alfo's photo gallery

    Back in black
  3. alfo's photo gallery

    Taming a wild lion
  4. Might as well enter this giveaway, even though my chances are close to none xD GL 2 everyone
  5. TruckersMP - Tab Panel and Background Replacement

    Looking great so far to me, gonna edit it more deeply when I collect some more free time. Thanks again for the tutorial.
  6. TruckersMP - Tab Panel and Background Replacement

    Thanks for the tutorial, I used Photoshop instead of Paint.NET because it doesn't matter what program it is + the Photoshop has a ton of coloring options. Anyways, it finally solved my dilemma on how to edit the UI
  7. alfo's photo gallery

    Second home Taking a break
  8. alfo's photo gallery

    ^ Nope, just took a picture via photo mode.
  9. alfo's photo gallery

    Mornings in Norway
  10. Banned for having a kitten on your profile avatar.
  11. How can you see if someone is hacking?

    ^ No, definetely. It's programmed that way so you don't interact with other players while being in the Ghost mode.
  12. How can you see if someone is hacking?

    Ghost mode: You don't physically interact with other truckers for a limited amount of time, therefore, you can go through them without causing them any damage what-so-ever. NCZ hack: An exact opposite of what I've said in the sentence before, you can go through other players but you'll cause them damage by doing that.
  13. Do you report a player if he apologizes?

    The only time I report people is when they behave like drunken chimpanzees on the road and refuse to speak english when I try to interact with them.