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  1. Hello, World Truckers, and important persons of this game (TruckersMP) I am new trucker in this game.I am from Myanmar. My friends also playing this game with me everyday, every night. They also from Myanmar. we have some problems in game. we can't go same city with same goods. I also create our company with Myanmar Players. Please advice me how can we do and Help me to create new company. Thank to senior truckers and senior company. Please not ban me and my friend from Myanmar. I decided to give our company name is "Golden Myanmar Truckers" and I try to register.
  2. How to create group or company? When I play with my friends we can't go together. I want to get same trailers and same citys for friends convoy
  3. I installed mod in mod folder, I see it in mod manager Single player but I can't see in mod manager in Multiplayer ets2. Please Help me.
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