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  1. I would like to know the special freight cargo this freed on the mp truck

    I was also having trouble with the game chat

    1. Avro Sisters

      Avro Sisters

      How did you manage to fix the issue? 


    2. ( BET ) Carlos Falcao

      ( BET ) Carlos Falcao



      install new truckmp

  3. Good morning to the friend.
    1. OBras!le!ro


      Good Morning my Friend :D

      Brasileiro ?

    2. ( BET ) Carlos Falcao
    3. OBras!le!ro
  4. There have to be improvements in truckersmp.
    1. Smalley


      Then make suggestions @CarlosFalcao Via the suggestions section on the forum. Please do not message other users saying there has to be improvements cause they cannot do anything about it. 

  5. Congratulations on becoming the Test Game Moderator Observer
  6. now that it's getting good this truckmp has to have stronger rules
  7. 3 double trailers I already saw people using this trailers not for me did not appear any of this
  8. Follow you, my friend.
    1. GoknOz


      I tried to make joke, but thank you friend. :)

  9. Congratulations on the image was very top
    1. Hz3rd


      Thanks! :) 


  10. I do not see anything wrong with the / fix tbf. I do not know what all the complaints are about: L

    Welcome to my mp team.
    1. Fading


      It's your MP? :o

  12. Olá, Por favor, siga estes passos: ETS2: Steam> Biblioteca> ETS2> Propriedades> Temporary_1_30 - para mods incompatíveis

  13. My to with same problem as scv my nei opens the game with this new update

  14. amigo o que ta acontecendo qu no multi player nao tou conseguido passar na balca

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    2. Mike Dragon

      Mike Dragon


      O que é "balca"?


      Outra coisa, colega: Não somente o Clarkniator não responde a mensagens no forum, mas também ele não fala português. Se precisa de ajuda com algo, poste na área de suporte, preferencialmente em inglês.

    3. Kayr0


      @Mike Dragon balca e o  barco que fica de Calais para Dover.


      @carloseduardorg se voce tiver problemas jogo so criar um ticket https://support.truckersmp.com/index.php?a=add

    4. Mike Dragon

      Mike Dragon

      @kayro #032

      Mano... aquilo não é "balca". O nome é "barca". Ou "balsa".

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