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  1. I was on ATS American server, I used to go 105-110mph using the tc10 10 speed, now it goes 100 max
  2. I was just using the tc10 10-speed transmission on SP I could get up to 110mph but on the mp I can only get to 100 and stay there how or what do I do to get a bit faster?
  3. there is xsplit broadcaster shadow play obs are all good
  4. seemed to have fixed it for me! ty
  5. still crashes wonder whats going on...
  6. there is a super memory leak in ATS for MP it caused 3 warning to go off saying my pc was out of memory, i have 8GB installed and 16GB set aside so thats a total of 24GB of ram combined and it used all of that
  7. okay I will check that out, cause I am hoping there is a truck done up like a wolf now time to find that dlc that SCS provides for ATS
  8. hello I am new to ATS/ETS2 and the MP version I am wondering if custom paint jobs is allowed on the MP version of ATS/ETS2, I kind of want to be different, from the other plane jane's roaming around
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