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  1. Happy Birthday to you ?

  2. i was expecting more responsible answer than that.and if you only understood that from those 3 lines, nothing more to say...
  3. The game runs with Steam plattform and reacts with the other players through that plattform. Tommorow Everybody will have different names maybe and with no company names. We had an automatic system to know who is who and from what team he was/is and can interact with him instant..Now we have to search for him,which company and if he is still active member. Changes are not always for good. And for me it isnt for good. You could make a poll to see players reactions and then make it happen. My opinion... your decisions.
  4. Why we dont have our "company"(steam) name??? and we have the forum name??
  5. thanks for the update but griffin dlc is not working properly.. !! Edit... Not only griffin...All light bars not working properly!!
  6. Is it fair Game administrators to ban people without reasons and also without providing evidence?? And when you trying to get contact with her she blocks you?? What kind of behaviour is that??
  7. so the guys who said for 2 pages thanks and nice can log in ??
  8. When having connection issues and all reset router and reinstall mod ect ect dont work try to call your ISP and tell them to change the port they connect you to internet.
  9. You can try call your ISP and tell them to change the port they connect you to internet. I had similar problem months ago and couldnt connect to server at all..ISP helped me!!
  10. for me delete all profiles from logitech profiler...set the games from general settings.making new profiles all the time the program may not work properly..try it
  11. try run the program as administrator or run the program while in-game ..
  12. this problem excist with all types of gearbox ( range, splitter and costum range splitter)..??? if problem continues change the splitter gear button..the gearbox is work properly so it s not hardware problem by your point of view..check the settings carefully..
  13. Driving education is something you learn from your family...If you dont respect other drivers in real life you ll never do it in here.. The rules here CAN T take place beacuse there isn t the same traffic like real life and the issue money is not helping ( about fines) . If there was a way to have Multiplayer money(no prossible way to hack them) and multiplayer fines with realistic job reawards and all stuff then maybe all these could make some guys drive properly..they could make an 18+ server for more serious gaming but i saw kids 15yo playing more mature from 30yo and from that you can realise that having license or not,dont matter .. It s all about driving education and respect.!!!
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