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  1. [17 September 2018] Public Memorial Convoy

    Thanks Martin, I've submitted an application for a dedicated server
  2. [17 September 2018] Public Memorial Convoy

    Thanks a lot, we have got some limited Convoy Control on our end but we are hopefully looking for a little bit more, numbers are looking at around 70 80 so far so I'm debating whether to ask for a dedicated server
  3. [17 September 2018] Public Memorial Convoy

    Thank you very much for the kind words, I hope we can use this not only as a send-off to him, but also to others who suffered the same horrible fate
  4. 1 Year ago on the 17th September, 1 of Scania LTD VTC's most dedicated drivers' father in law died at the wheel in a horrific crash. To honour his death one year on as well as for anyone else wanting to remember someone who has dedicated their life to the wheel, Scania LTD is running a major convoy (hopefully on a dedicated server) comprising of a estimated 1 hour drive followed by a 30 minute memorial service near the beautiful city of love, Paris. The convoy will be ran in conjunction with TruckersMP admins as well as myself acting as convoy leader. The route is from Sanbuilders in Berlin and will complete at the service station in Paris, where Scania LTD members will break off for a memorial service. We are hoping that we can open this fully to the public however for the memorial at the end will be just for members of Scania LTD and any people who come forward wanting to also remember real life people (messaging me on the forum will be sufficient for this) I hope that we can give a really good send-off to him and to anyone else who wishes to do the same for people they know. (Any suggestions for routes will be appreciated) Meetup: 7pm BST Departure: 7:30pm BST Start: Sanbuilders in Berlin Finish: Service Station in Paris Server: Hopefully a dedicated server, if not EU2 DLC: None required Sign Up Here Discord Server: Many Thanks, Corey, Head examiner at Scania LTD