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  1. I'm glad to join one of the best VTC's around the TruckersMP Community. See ya around!


  2. [VIVA] Heemse

    Viva Trucking | Professional VTC

    Welldone on every video in this topic, I did took some spare time to watch it. And enjoyed it, Greetings from the Dutch division!
  3. [VIVA] Heemse

    Removing Gravatar support

    Thank you -
  4. [VIVA] Heemse

    Viva Trucking Nederland

    Ik rij zelf Volvo FH16, eerste truck. Daarna zien we wel verder.
  5. Got my new PC, now I can run ETS on Ultra! See yaon the roads!

    1. SuperHoops


      Sweet! Big difference isn’t it?! 


      Enjoy your new machine :D 

  6. [VIVA] Heemse

    Fast Cargo VTC | ''Active . Friendly . Fun''

  7. [VIVA] Heemse

    Greetz Logistics NL/BE Zoekt leden!

    Succes met jullie VTC!
  8. [VIVA] Heemse

    New game mode (an apology)

    No worries - Thanks for the topic tho!
  9. [VIVA] Heemse

    About driving feeling in winter mod

    I never used the winter mod.. Don't like it that much.
  10. Great to see ur still around mate as CM. Keep it up boy

  11. Good morning cuties 


    Currently I'm at my girls house. Cus my mother in law got diagnosed cancer. Taking care of their dog, 

     I'll be back on the roads asap! 

    I still will be around on the forums 

  12. [VIVA] Heemse

    Which DLC I should buy?

    First of all go for the map extensions. That makes you wanna drive more kms .
  13. [VIVA] Heemse

    Winter mod for ATS MP?

    Personally i don't use it.
  14. [VIVA] Heemse

    Winter mod is now available!

    Awesome buddies!