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  1. Congratulations!

  2. 46485652_2751051735120157_230117602473541.33 Experimental beta

  3. Good afternoon!! 

  4. BMW E30 320i :troll:

    For More Pictures Visit My Creativity


  5. I spent here on your Profile to wish you Happy Birthday!

    I hope all your dreams and birthday wishes are fulfilled. Happy Birthday to You

  6. Good night truckers :wub:.

    These weeks I'm facing a connection problem again (connection limited to 32kbps to be more exact :(), everything indicates that it will be solved from next week (finally!) :lol:


    I wish you all a great week! ^_^

    1. ThiagoBR_


      I know what this is !! I went through the same situation in the Ancient Residence!

      Do not have NET in your Region yet?

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  7. Guess what kind of truck is under development by SCS?


  8. good afternoon everyone

    How are you?

  9. Today's the day! @KroneTrailer






  10. This year has gone by fast :wow:

  11. Good Night :ph34r::tmp:ets2_20180909_195245_00.png?width=962&he

  12. Good Night to Everyone of the TMP Community !!

    Good shooting to all who are and / or are running!

  13. Venha Participar Conosco Do Comboio De Aniversario  De 2 Anos de fundação.3hMr64r.jpg

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