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Community Answers

  1. Is this update for the new DLC?
  2. I couldn't agree more. When I was on Friday I saw someone get pulled by a police car for doing 200Km/h.
  3. I understand that but I just feel more police presence on the road would cut down crime, Plus it would add a sense of realism as well.
  4. It would be good if admin did used the police cars because it would be nice to feel the presence of them, especially in troublesome hotspots.
  5. How many admin are there on EU2? Do they police certain areas?
  6. You've all be very helpful. Thanks guys.
  7. I think it might be coz I was taking jobs from WOT. When I'm in free roam I can do 70ish.
  8. Before anyone asks I'm not here to complain I'm just here to get a bit more knowledgeable of how things work in multiplier because I've not been playing very long. So I was under the impression that EU2 server had no speed limits but when I'm towing I can't seem to go above 55 mph. Is the speed limited on EU2?
  9. Apparently I was running a out of date version even though I only installed it a few days ago. I've got rid of that and installs the latest version and running in admin mode and it seems to be fine now. Thanks.
  10. When I am in multiplier and try to customise my truck game crashes every time but in single player it doesn't. I have no mods installed so nothing like that will be interfering.
  11. Are tags what you see in brackets before player names?
  12. HP Pavilion Gaming Notebook Windows 10 I5 6300HQ 2.3 GHz 8GB RAM GTX 950M 2GB I will post picture and FPS for busy and non busy areas at a later date. Nice to see other truckers on laptops as well.
  13. Dose the CB only work with you are in radius of other truckers? Dose typeing chat chat show to everyone in the server? Thanks again.
  14. WarHeadTV

    CB Radio

    So I assume the CB is basically game chat? what is the best channel to have my CB set to, or should I just leave it on default? Thanks guys.
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