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  1. Hey, I a very good idea, something like this could attract other players who want to buy Patreon.
  2. In itself, this is a great idea, but TMP needs servers that have a large storage capacity. YouTube itself has servers that are equipped with several petabytes. Paying for this is very hard, especially we must remember that TMP is not a company, but all this is done voluntarily. I think this is a great idea, but we are better off with YouTube. Is just my opinion ;D
  3. Hey, I agree with the others, unfortunately you can not use every mod, because these mods also need to be customized for sure. There are enough mods in one can also use at TMP, try it times there and if you find which.
  4. Hello, my opinion is, since admins are also people and have a private life, of course you can not just put 2 admins somewhere and determine where they have to control. I find the idea with the collision very good, so that no trolls can make a lot of crap or players who play for the first time Euro Trick Sim 2, not immediately banned and punished. Of course there are rules that you have to follow in any case and it would be very useful that new players do not immediately confirm the rules with a check mark, but read them through. Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)
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