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  1. I have tried many things and videos i have seen but many are outdated and i was wondering if you could help me i used to play ets2mp but no it keeps telling me that and ive tried to look through the properties of ets2 and found nothing please help
  2. I fixed it just a simple easy one thanks for the help though man!
  3. I dont understand why it is doing this. I was just running the game fine yesterday now it wants to only have the screen in the center and not fully around the area in which i have available. If someone could help me with this it would be greatly appreciated. My setup has not changed at all and ive tried changing the resolution in the settings on ats and nothing changes it
  4. Now after i fixed it its telling me "The program cant start because steam_spi64.dll is missing from your computer. Try reinstalling the program to fix this problem."
  5. I did as you said but it still says the same thing.......
  6. Ok this is just taking too long and i cant seem to do this s***. Do any of you got skype in which we can contact each other? I feel as if this would make the process easier on both of us and come out with a positive outcome.
  7. i did uninstall ats like 3 months ago and reinstall it. Do i need to get rid of the old folder for that ats and try to uninstall and reinstall to maybe gain a new folder for ats?
  8. I did do that a while ago and it still never worked. I just did it again too
  9. So for the past 6 months now ive been getting the constant message in which it tells me i must select a valid path. Ive done everything they told me on my last post and it didnt do anything. Ive been wanting to play multiplayer but ive been unable to. Ive done things such as only selecting ats than trying but it says the same thing. I did it with ets2 and i got the same message just for ets2 not ats. Please i need help i just want to play the game always been a big fan until this all started happening. Anything helps just please help me getting my damn game working. -Billy Mays
  10. Ive been having this issue for over 2 weeks. I need help on fixing this. I have posted a topic about this but they did not help me what so over. I have ats and ets2 installed and bought. They are no demo versions. If somebody could help me i would appreciate it and if any of you have skype and are willing to help i need it. This has been pissing me off for 2 weeks and just need someone to skype and help me.
  11. Ive never had this issue and i just want to download it and play. I tried not installing ats and just ets2 and it does the exact same thing just with ats. I want both but i cant even download one. I need some help somebody respond i planned on playing tonight
  12. So i have redownloaded the truckersmp launcher over 10 times. This isnt working now i need your help. It just keeps saying connection error- retry? Help me fix this problem
  13. image is there somebody respond fast want to play with friends
  14. So basically bout 2 hrs ago i tried to launch just normal ets2. Well now it just says preparing to launch euro truck simulator 2 .... and it never loads up could somebody please help me
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