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  1. PaulRikken

    Navigation Tile onto information display

    First, thanks for all the replies. I suggested my idea to SCS. It May take a lot of Time for them to develop it. But i've looking through their forum and it shows they are making a lot of cool additions at the moment. So maybe it turns out not to be too hard and maybe they Will get there hands on it. Kind Regards, Paul
  2. PaulRikken

    Navigation Tile onto information display

    Hi Izerci, My idea was ment for trucks. Although cars would be cool too. But for now, lets just Hope SCS Will add this feature soon!
  3. Hello Truckers, So today at work I was thinking, what should they add to ETS2 (or ETS2MP)? And then this came. They need to make an extra tile to the little car display between the dials (called 'board computer' in the Netherlands)(Display which shows your gas state and oil temperature). So in my own car (Real life), the tile tells me to, for example, turn left in 500 meters. I think this would be an amazing addition to the game and it's realism. I know developers of ETS2MP can't make this, but I just wanted to let you all know and was curious about how you guys think about it. So let me know! I've posted this idea on SCS's forum. So maybe they'll get their hands on it, Since it would be a pretty cool addition. An example is shown on the picture below this post. Happy Trucking, Paul
  4. PaulRikken

    Steam virus NL (belangrijk)

    Aantal maanden geleden hetzelfde meegemaakt. Het ging toen om een hyperlink die eindigde op .jpeg waardoor je dacht dat het om een afbeelding ging. Na de nepafbeelding te hebben geopend, kreeg ik na een aantal minuten al verscheidene berichtjes van vrienden die me enorm bedankte. Zei hadden vanaf dat moment ook de virus op hen PC. Prachtig stukje malmware, met enorm slechte bedoelingen. Wees Alert!