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  1. Ah yes didnt saw it at the first time
  2. I do most of time respect the speed limit as max i go is 98 due to trucksbook , i do stop in some red lights if theres players nearby , this on my normal profile. If im using the VTC World (career for mp) then yes i do stop in every sign that say so and i do respect all the speed limits aswell due to the rank.
  3. But according to them thats allowed i guess , theres nothing wrong on those pics as u can do in default game aswell
  4. I guess they mean is using doubles from different types like cistern + isulated for example
  5. Cant manage to work with it anymore i dont know why any idea @LIPtoH
  6. I know thanks buddy , still doesnt work properly for me , thanks anyway!
  7. Ok i guess then will wait for fix to be released thanks anyway , just another question in your github when i download theres no exe. thats normal?
  8. @LIPtoH New version doesnt work anymore , any clue?
  9. Suggestion Name: Bigger wheels for promods servers Suggestion Description: Bigger wheels for promods servers , theres alot places around the map that trucks may get stuck easly , bigger wheels would help for those who goes to places more "raw" Any example images: Why should it be added?: We all would benit of them in promod server , we would have more friction for example on ice places , as the truck would be bit more high compared to the ground , wouldnt get stuck so easly. Best Regards The rock
  10. I had logitech g27 and g29 , they are very good but Thrustmaster t300 its more realistic in feedback terms etc , few shops sell them around 310 euros , try one!
  11. Since they now are apart of VolVo truck group (its diferent then Volvo car group) they bring the same gearbox and engine as volvo's , so its a six-cylinder engines, the 11 L DTI 11 (with a power output of 380, 430 and 460hp) and the 13 L DTI 13 (440, 480 and 520hp)
  12. @Grecu' I would say double those lines and will create a second cub , however may not work
  13. Allowing Veterans to have more speed , instead of being stuck in 110 for example
  14. @[RLC]LIPtoH any idea why everytime i create a job and on trailers i select double my game crash? (note doing this inside of germany for example)
  15. "Added ability to Add Custom paths" I cant modify the truck or trailer , or i dont understand what you mean by add custom paths @LIPtoh
  16. - Farming simulator 19 - Sims4 - Bus simulator 18 - Euro Truck simulator 2 - American Truck simulator - Spintires Mudrunner - Miscreated - Minecraft
  17. Speed limit aint gonna fix all the reports and issues etc , i did pass 3 times since this rule apply on C-D road and its worse then ever , why? simple , people try to overtake , and since the speed is limit to 110 , but with or without speed limit it will continue that way , theres no way to fix it unless take the collision from all server or simple ignore the resquest or reports from high speed players
  18. This ^^ , however i dont speed more , i keep my speed , unless i see theres incoming traffic and he cant pass me safely then i slow down to avoid accident , but who is overtaking shall know how to do properly without putting in danger everyone in road
  19. Basicly this! Make one of the arcade servers with collision and warn players that the server will not be moderate neither the reports from it will be view , simple , those who join agree with it then , no more reports for staff from there , simple
  20. They are too slow compared to other games like forza who have alot licenses and models
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