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  1. Yeah they do small stuff like ie change light , change oil , fixing radiators or quick things , change tires or fixing flat ones etc , just stuff easy and normally quickly , im truck driver and i have used before to fix tires and once a radiator that did blow up
  2. In Portugal there are some Service Stations on highways or in country roads that have minimal services they do .....
  3. Theres tools that allow you to create custom jobs but Trucksmp offers you via online the tool for it , just press Tab (score menu) look for the symbol , click on it , it does open a small window where you can fill up all details , allowing you to have custom jobs from A to B anytime u want .
  4. Before we had Portugal (my city is lisbon) choosed Paris , back in 2014
  5. Probably most of those are double accounts , but anyway still a big number.
  6. Just have to say this , i was one of the first players playing this back in 2014 and there wasnt any kind of speed limit and people enjoyed alot , also there wasnt any shit around like now, we had EU 1 and EU 2 and everything worked fine, but those who wanted to drive at 90kms always joined to the most populated server , witch was back then the EU 2 (without speed limit) , at my perpective is simple , change Arcade server , make it like EU 2 , then let the community split , anyway people need to grow bit , its time to stop those things , give the EU 2 back again and everybody will be happy , i myself i like to drive like irl but if you are crossing the majory of the map without anyone to see , whats the point of loosing time of my life going at 90\110? For that i already have my job irl.
  7. "served-sided economy and uneditable user profiles in TruckersMP" Yes but only if it had a proper server for it , what i mean is , cant be in Sim1 or Sim2 and also in Arcade too , so something like a R1 server
  8. Theres a beautifull country side road between Nantes and Reims , that would be cool if it was very populated , also bigger then CD-road.
  9. Driveshaft Torque - Cool feature , SCS could also do features like - change oil , change tires , change lights that should broke after while , climatization inside the cabin also , small stuff but very appreciate!
  10. I think , like some said already , the issue are the drivers itself , but i also think the CD road could be 2 lanes each side or make another one near by so people would be divided by two country roads , last case , close it and prevent people to use it.
  11. Before the g_reference_climate would work and turn night into day , now is there any command to lock night into day in trucksmp/Sp/Convoy mode? I know theres one thats g_climate_abledo or whatever it is but night always comes after while.
  12. SCS on the right direction , impressive how they have grow up in the last 3/4 years , keep the good work!
  13. Top , we also need Catlive ownable trailers!
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