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  1. In most cases i just report them anyway. Based on my experience it's only abput 1/5 that apologize for something they did. Also minor mistakes doesn't bother me. The rest of the time people just drives off like nothing happened or maybe write "sry" like it didn't matter. Therefore i prefer to report them.
  2. @litrac4 Hvis du ønsker at køre et trafikeret sted, hvor der sker en masse hele tiden, så burde du tage hen på C-D vejen (Calais - Duisburg). En lang landevej (slutningen er dog motorvej) med massere af spillere. Bare forbedred dig på at man kan godt få lidt tæsk på strækningen... Ikke alle køre særlig pænt.
  3. I like the idea and think it would be great with having more variety as @Artical DAN said. On the other side, i don't think it would become reality any time soon.
  4. The mod removes the black bars around the GPS so it looks like a head-up display https://imgur.com/a/IiC5KKs
  5. Nice and cold Denmark ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  6. Tror også det handler meget om hvor henne man køre, hvis man ønsker at møde danskere. Efter min egen erfaring befinder der flest danskere i Skandinavien. Jeg kører selv primært i Tyskland og på C-D vejen. På TruckersMP's Discord har vi endelig fået vores "danish" rang. I burde gå ind og få rollen "danish", så vi kan skrive på vores egen kanal på deres Discord
  7. jiuras

    Ideea for c-d

    Blocking always causes more chaos and traffic. And it doesn't matter if it's admins or just normal players who blocks, doesn't work. I think staff just have to be active and aware of the C-D road to prevent more issues.
  8. Have you tried to rest or teleport to the workshop to update the freightmarket?
  9. I prefer the Scania S more. The R is also really nice, but the S is just a bit bigger and i like that.
  10. Easy and simple guide, nice!
  11. I always record when i'm playing multiplayer. I have a 2 minute recording-loop, so i just hit a binded key and then i've saved the 2 minute gameplay. With Shadowplay you can upload straight from the program itself, and select which part of the video you want to upload.
  12. I will make a J-Spec truck now. Sounds fun and different
  13. I just binded some buttons on my G29 that makes the view angel change a bit, so it's like moving your head slighty and all the way to the side for both ways. Then i have a button that makes the view angel center, so i'm looking straight again. Really useful and easy to control.
  14. I got my G29 and H-shifter back in 2017. First i couldn't figure out how to use the manual gearbox prober, so i just used auto. Then i just began trying and get used to it, and i worked. Now i prefer manual w/ clutch. It's just nice to feel having a 100% control of your truck
  15. I use ShadowPlay. I'm really happy with it, and it works great. Easy to manage, easy to change settings and a great tool to record things with.
  16. Kan kun huske jeg så dit navn, og at du vandt i en giveaway
  17. Jeg kunne dog godt overveje at begynde at køre rundt i Danmark. Tror i der er større chance for at møde danskere der? @Mika L., jeg kan da huske vi var til samme convoy fra Viva (RomaniaElit Birthday), så burde vel kunne se dig på trackeren.
  18. You can just apply. They will respond pretty fast and let you know about your application
  19. I usually play everytime i get home from school. Also, i like to get on TMP when i just want to chill and have a nice time. ETS2 is a nice relaxed game
  20. It's a good decision. They have changed the speedlimit for a reason. I agree. There is so many that wants to race with trucks, but trucks isn't build for racing. I normally drive 100-120 on highways, and most of the time 90 on the country roads, but when people just race up and down C-D road it's only causing problems...
  21. Jeg spiller ret ofte MP, men synes aldrig jeg møder nogle danske lastbiler
  22. I agree. It can be hard sometimes to maneuver around and especially when there is a lot of traffic. If people sometimes gave some space for bigger loads and stuff things would be much easier, and there wouldn't be so many problems
  23. Oh, didn't knew there was one already It doesn't matter then, but thanks for fast respons
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