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  1. jiuras

    Allow AI models to be used

    I like the idea and think it would be great with having more variety as @Artical DAN said. On the other side, i don't think it would become reality any time soon.
  2. jiuras

    Heads Up Display (HUD) Work MP

    The mod removes the black bars around the GPS so it looks like a head-up display https://imgur.com/a/IiC5KKs
  3. jiuras

    Where are you guys from?

    Nice and cold Denmark ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  4. jiuras

    Dansker som stadig spiller? :)

    Tror også det handler meget om hvor henne man køre, hvis man ønsker at møde danskere. Efter min egen erfaring befinder der flest danskere i Skandinavien. Jeg kører selv primært i Tyskland og på C-D vejen. På TruckersMP's Discord har vi endelig fået vores "danish" rang. I burde gå ind og få rollen "danish", så vi kan skrive på vores egen kanal på deres Discord
  5. jiuras

    Ideea for c-d

    Blocking always causes more chaos and traffic. And it doesn't matter if it's admins or just normal players who blocks, doesn't work. I think staff just have to be active and aware of the C-D road to prevent more issues.
  6. jiuras

    No jobs with own trailers

    Have you tried to rest or teleport to the workshop to update the freightmarket?
  7. jiuras

    Scania S or Scania R?

    I prefer the Scania S more. The R is also really nice, but the S is just a bit bigger and i like that.
  8. jiuras

    Coloured License Plates

    Danish plate, nice
  9. jiuras

    Trailer to Truck Color

    Easy and simple guide, nice!
  10. jiuras

    Do you guys record your drivings?

    I always record when i'm playing multiplayer. I have a 2 minute recording-loop, so i just hit a binded key and then i've saved the 2 minute gameplay. With Shadowplay you can upload straight from the program itself, and select which part of the video you want to upload.
  11. jiuras

    J-Spec Trucks: The New Cool Trend

    I will make a J-Spec truck now. Sounds fun and different
  12. jiuras

    How do you Look around and use Mirrors?

    I just binded some buttons on my G29 that makes the view angel change a bit, so it's like moving your head slighty and all the way to the side for both ways. Then i have a button that makes the view angel center, so i'm looking straight again. Really useful and easy to control.
  13. jiuras

    How do you change Gears? Manual or Auto?

    I got my G29 and H-shifter back in 2017. First i couldn't figure out how to use the manual gearbox prober, so i just used auto. Then i just began trying and get used to it, and i worked. Now i prefer manual w/ clutch. It's just nice to feel having a 100% control of your truck
  14. jiuras

    What do you use to record gameplay?

    I use ShadowPlay. I'm really happy with it, and it works great. Easy to manage, easy to change settings and a great tool to record things with.