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  1. That makes 100% sense man..... Dev fix I would think, would be too exclude those sections of Highway???
  2. YA know, I get it, there are a LOT of idiots who play this game online... Those idiots will speed..... Those idiots should be playing on the Arcade only server.... But For the people, like myself, who anjoy ACTUAL SIM playing..... Regulating the HIGHWAY speed limit is stupid... PERIOD.... Let me explain it, as I use to drive truck IRL..... I stop at ALL redlights in game. Try to stop at stop signs, hell I even follow yard traffic rules AND tug test my trailer before I hit the connect button.... The HIGHWAY is there to connect major cities, fast..... If I wanted to have a slower trip, I would travel through ALL the cities on the way to my destination. Limiting the speed on a roadway, that is designed, to BYPASS cities FAST...... Is stupid,..... I can't say it enough..... Seriously anyone who dis-agrees with this has NEVER driven a vehicle before as far as I'm concerned.... It was 55MPH before, that was too slow even, but, acceptable, even though I will NEVER agree with limiting speed on the highway.... Limiting the CITY speeds??? Hell Yeah!!! If it says 35mph, limit that , if it says 45mph or 40mph, LIMIT THAT, BUT LEAVE THE BLOODY HIGHWAY ALONE!!! lol I'm just one guy bitching so I know this will fall upon deaf ears...... But w/e, I spoke my piece...... Soap box is up fer grabs......
  3. I had a 119,000 trailer on, speed limit dropped me to 45, ON A HILL, had to gear down so much i almost stalled.... ffs I wonder who's BRIGHT idea it was to do that.... 55MPH was bad enough....
  4. No, it doesn't affect gameplay And since 2017?? Weird, I was using it yesterday....
  5. So, I'm cruising along through Washington and come upon a beautiful bridge, meandering it's way thorugh some nice dense forest...... I think great time for a screenshot... Hit F12.... Yellow warning comes up says "You Must Stop Your Truck To Tak A Screenshot"..... I'm sorry... what??? Since when??? As far as I know, you guys are allowed to play with SCS software but cannot circumvent Steam software..... It's not right..... Taking a screenshot with the F12 key affects gameplay in NO shape or form..... You need to bring it back.....
  6. No kidding... Otherwise there's no point really
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