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  1. Don't work, I have windows 10, sometimes connect me, sometimes i need to wait, yesterday i had to wait like 20 minutes and still the same message... I don't know what it's the problem.. I will reinstall the game
  2. Not work, still the same problem
  3. Hi, i have this error about 2 days. When I open the game and I select the server I have this messages. Cannot connect to server.It may be caused by your internet connection issues. You will be automatically reconnected within next 10 seconds.. I don't have any problem with the internet, all work good, but the still don't work Photo: https://imgur.com/a/5TR44pb
  4. @Pegesus, then it's not my pc problem? because just what i saw, when i start the game the memory from disk C go under 3gb.
  5. Why when I click on play, to drive the truck or skoda, the game get crash and i get this message ? : Before this update I did not have this problem, and I have 7 gb free on disk C, and in D and G i have 300+ for this two disks (D and G) (in G i have all my games)
  6. I tried with this, but i can't to make.
  7. Hi guys, today on youtube i saw a nice truck and my question is how can i put a grille on my truck like that? Ok, but a lot will say "save editing" but i tried and the message was something like this: this part doesn't is compatible with that part (example) If you guys know how can i put that grille on a DAF please type below.Thanks Images with truck: (the images have been made with the phone on yt, sorry for quality)
  8. Hi, if i have 4 bans on ets2mp and i get another one i will be permanent banned? And if i get permanent banned on mp, i can make another ets2mp account with the same steam account?
  9. Thanks, i restart the Steam and then ETS 2 work.Thanks guys.
  10. Hi, today when I wanted to play Ets2mp, I determined the game don't start. It appears a square in middle of desktop and that is.Don't start. With the square on the desktop I press on Steam, and when the steam appear i have this message: " Euro Truck Simulator 2 is trying to launch with optional parameters listed below: "Truck Simulator 2 / TruckersMP Launcher / Launcher.exe" If you have not requested this release or not understand these options, select "Cancel" " I reinstall the game, I delete all files, but same.Help please. [PHOTO]
  11. Hi, I've seen a player who uses the Mighty Griffin DLC Pack Tunning on DAF. I know it can only be used on Scania. How to use the DLC on the other trucks? Sorry for my bad english.
  12. Hi, I asked yesterday if Cement mixer mod it's allowed.The admin say "It's allowed". Ok, the answer was this "But to pick the mixer up. you will need to go into Singleplayer and then once you have picked it up... you can then come over to MP." I don't understand the answer, I mean, I have to go on singleplayer, to pick up cement mixer and then save and to go on multiplayer? It's not allowed to pick up the cement mixer from multiplayer? Thanks. [RO/ENG]
  13. Hi, when play ETS2MP I have a error. I have this message: "An application fatal error! Do you want to send crash.log file to developers?" I click to enter in game to make some jobs but i have this problem: http://imgur.com/a/idoPe Why i have this problem? I reinstall the game and de ets2mp, and same problem.
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