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  1. Scania R Small Cab The Crown Jewel In My Heart
  2. Seems to Have worked with the openGL 64-bit so far. So thank you so much everyone for the Help and Tips.
  3. Hey for some reason my ETS2 MP keeps Crashing When i use ESC to look for trailers, go to garage and Repair, take the Ferry, look on Map, load and unload a Trailer, i´ve Changed nothing with Mods the past year or 2 Everything worked fine before. latest Crashlog. https://pastebin.com/XhRmHUhG last_crash.log
  4. he was driving pretty much behind me for long time and i was in the station area just waitng for the one infront to drive :-/ still make no sense XD but it's okay was just wondering why.. but thank you have a Great day / evning / night hehe
  5. i have a good question i was driving on calais / duisburg road when i was almost out of Fuel i drove into a tankstation suddenly WelshGaz apparently just felt like teleporting me to Service ??? why ?? i just drove in to re fuel ??? no reason what so ever ??
  6. is the Volvo FH Bugged cuz ever since they made the 8x4 Trucks the Volvo FH can't have The light Behind the seats in the Cabin and light up the interor ?? :-/ are they gonna fix it or what ???
  7. i can't connect to ETS 2 Multiplayer it keeps saying AUTHENTICATING up in the corner ??? is there anything i can do to make it disapear and come online and driver the other players ??? what is going on ?
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