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  1. CoCo_FTW

    ETS2 Truck Idle

    Try and go to your profile: and deletete "controls" and "config". This will reset all your main settings. I know it is difficult to redo your settings, but this seems the only way to me. If this doesn't work try and reinstall your game directly from steam. Hope it helps!
  2. CoCo_FTW

    Cannot find original profile.

    Hi! Try and follow this: If you have multiple folders like the ones above just copy all of them and paste them in the same folder in the new computer. When you enter the game you should be able to see your profile. Hope it helps!
  3. CoCo_FTW

    LED Strobes & Beacons Limits

    I think it directly conflicts with: Truck modding" that beacons and strobes can only be used on places the stock game allows & that excessive beacons/srobes are not allowed either.
  4. Yes, absolutely! It is great that there is a suggestion forum and discussion forum. The staff can really see what the players are thinking and wanting.
  5. CoCo_FTW

    Change push to talk button

    Hi! As far as I know there is not a way to change the push to talk button. This might be a feature that they will add in the future updates. What you can do is downloading the driver for your wheel - if it is a Logitech wheel - and make the button you want to use be the "X" key. This is what I have done with my Logitech G920 wheel. Hope I helped!
  6. I would like to see more contributions from the community itself. As far as I know the people that are playing the game on a daily basis know the game the best. They know the game inside out. I understand that the MP staff knows the game but they do not have time to play the game itself as much as the members of the community.
  7. CoCo_FTW

    Ets crash when using wheel

    Hi, as far as I can see from that photo you did not select the right option. The right option is the last one. I am unsure weather the game crashes or not when you select that option. You can see from the picture below how I optimised my wheel. Try and see if this works.
  8. CoCo_FTW

    Ets crash when using wheel

    Hi! I am not 100% that this might help you but you can at least try it. Make sure you have the drivers up to date for the wheel. Also, make sure again that all is connected properly and there are no damaged wires or anything like that. Once you have done this try and lunch the game in singleplayer as administrator (right click on the game icon). Go into settings and try and see if the game detects your wheel. You said that the game crashes which is not normal. If this still happens try and reinstall your game. This should probably solve the problem and the game should detect your wheel. Also, make sure that the wheel is compatible with the operating system your are running. Hope this helps!
  9. CoCo_FTW

    Offensive Tag / Inappropriate Chat?

    Hi, I believe that as long as this offends you this should be reported. I understand the situation that you have been and you do not want to look like a "snitch", but at the end of the day it is your right to report something that you have been offended by. As the guys above me said there is a rule for such an offence: §1.5 - Inappropriate use of language, communication and impersonation of any kind Using insults of any sort to put another user down. This can include but isn't limited to racism, discrimination and or discussing/expressing (extreme) political, illegal or inappropriate situations/views. Hope it helps!
  10. CoCo_FTW

    Error occured while contacting our update servers

    Can you please re-upload a more high quality screenshot so we can see the error? Thx!
  11. CoCo_FTW

    Possible optmization

    Hello! From my own experience a fresh reinstall of windows will help with that! Please let us know!
  12. Congratulations to the winner! Keep it up!