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  1. Hey! Thank you so much for the replies, @Spirit_Wolf i did try those things first, but they didn't seem to work sadly, @TruckBro that worked for me when i chose my steering wheel + xinput option, though when i did what you said to remove it afterwards it still showed the keybinds missing. I tested it out and the steering was fine, so i'll just leave it all as that (the following picture) as that is working fine Thanks guys!
  2. I've been playing my account for American Truck Sim (MP) a while with my steering wheel and pedals connected as always, and for some reason i log on and it's failing to find my steering wheel buttons. Turning left and right, and my pedals are fine, even the engine start on my steering wheel is fine, but when i look in the keybinds settings, it shows the rest as 'missing'. I tested and created another profile, and all the keybinds were found and it all works fine, until i switch back to my main profile, so it's obviously bugged out on my main profile. But i really can't and don't want to start from fresh again. If you could show me how, or fix this, that would be much appreciated I love streaming your game. ~ Rawrr Tigerr
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